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PostPosted: 18 Mar 2016 15:09
by didds
After only a year of really not very heavy use, my Helix developed a split under ione upper arm, and was showing signes of repeating it on the other,.

Spoke to techneopro who quoted me £20-£30 repiar which is fair enough as a repairers with no contactural obligations etc.

Also spoke to B70 who said...

"Our wetsuits have a two year warranty. I will ask a colleague to inspect your suit, if he thinks it is a wetsuit fault then we will replace the suit. If he thinks it is wear and tear then we will cover this under warranty."

Dropped it off with them in bath a couple of Friday's ago and it just arrived all patches/repaired... from techneopro! :-)

Well done B70! leaving aside why on earth it split in the first place ;-)