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Re: FAO: Iron distance and other Fear-distance (TM) racers

PostPosted: 03 May 2013 16:36
by ris
pretty sure it is bottle drop with a collection of replacements just after. you tell (shout out?) to the marshalls what you want before you get there and they hand it to you. if you use a speedfill then i guess you might need to spend a few secs transferring the new liquid into it (dunno, don't use a speedfill).

bento box or gel-filled bottle for other provisions. don't know about chall henley, but i'd assume it is similar to im in that the aid stations have bars (possibly gels, too) that you can pick up to save you carrying 20 of them in your jersey.

that's my guess, a grown up who has done it can tell you for sure.

Re: FAO: Iron distance and other Fear-distance (TM) racers

PostPosted: 04 May 2013 12:43
by IronMorg
can't comment on challenge events but at IM, Ris has pretty much got it on spot on. You simply chuck your empty bottles in the area they have set up and you grab a bottle from one of the volunteers (after letting them know what you want). You tend to find the station is divided into a few bods for water, few for energy drinks, few for food, gels so you know where you need to get to. I have a speedful A2 Ris, you simply fill up on the go, its a great piece of kit.

If you're worried about the run, all I can say is build those long runs up... get them done in your training and you will be fine. Just be sensible.