Peterborough Marathon

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Peterborough Marathon

Postby Jimba » 17 Apr 2019 17:37

It’s a short one, not the race but my report.

Started well, finished badly (very) :lol:

Target was 3.20 for gfa, previous race at Oundle aggravated a knee niggle so no running In intervening 4 weeks except a 4 mile test run the week before.

First 10miles at around 7.25 pace which was comfortably but not outrageously inside target 7.35pace. Problem was hr was higher than it should have been, 165+ when I would expect around 160. Couple of miles slight uphill and into brisk headwind reduced pace to around 8min miles and hr still climbing. Next few miles better with pace improving slightly but hr still climbing. At 30k hr now 169 and behind target pace. Wtf! Now slower than Oundle 20 which is considerably lumper and much windier. I cannot maintain the pace for the next 12k and it starts a steady downward drop, then a rapid one :shock:
Last 6 miles in 64mins....oh dear.
Cross the line 3.45.02, it’s a pb but a pretty miserable one given the target.
Well down the field and in AG.
Not really much positive to take away,particularly as the knee is pretty swollen.

However, it was a brilliant course and the racemakers were fantastic. It’s definitely one for the diary if I can get my act thinking I might have to invoke the “c” word to get me to 3.20 :lol:
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Re: Peterborough Marathon

Postby jonathon.e » 18 Apr 2019 06:54

Sorry to hear that you didn't get the GFA Jimba,
A short report is often a good report as it means very little went wrong on the whole, just a few minor ones, as your nephew will learn, the less paperwork the better :D
I think there are a lot of positives to be taken, despite not getting the time you needed,
A PB for the distance, chapeau.
You were disappointed about your ag position, but, you have raced pretty much all the standard distances, which is very rare, most specialise, particularly going towards the marathon, so you are competing against different racers. If there was a race series for the ones you did, chances are you would have been up at the top not just in ag, but overall.
The positive I see, is based on a negative, we need to find the edge of our limits, sometimes the only way to find the edge is to fall off, this may be counter intuitive due to the amount of time invested in the marathon, BUT, you have created a huge endurance base to start your next campaign from, you can analyse where the drop off occurred, and rectify that, nutrition? Knee? Psychological ?( doubtful )

Hopefully the knee will mend quickly, and the source of the injury can be found to avoid a reoccurrence in the future.

What are the plans now, as it is still early on in the season ?
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Re: Peterborough Marathon

Postby Jimba » 18 Apr 2019 17:23

Thanks Jon, very sensible balance provided as always :)

The easy question is what is left for the rest of the season, and that is running that I enjoy which is shorter stuff. The rest of this year will be 5k to hm, nothing further. I don’t much enjoy the 15m+ runs and it tends to screw with the rest of the week. So my other pb targets for the shorter stuff are definitely in play.

As for what next for the marathon, a coach is an option, but I think what I need to do is read round the subject, I have been pretty lax with that to date and the two results have shown that. Part of the reason was a degree of arrogance (or shall we say confidence :D ) that with multiple 1.30 halves under my belt and a decent volume of training I would get the gfa comfortably. Oh how wrong I was!

So for now knee recovery, I will be dusting off the turbo so as not to stress it too much with pounding and see where I am in October ready for the campaign hopefully.
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Re: Peterborough Marathon

Postby Jack Hughes » 19 Apr 2019 11:42

Give yourself plenty of recovery time!!!

(I'm still not sure if I destroyed myself going for GFA in 2015)
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