Milton Keynes Winter Half Marathon

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Milton Keynes Winter Half Marathon

Postby Jimba » 10 Dec 2018 08:25

So, definitely last race of the season. I think I have done more races this year than any other, this was a deferred entry from last year’s cancelled race.

The last race I did I stuck to the pacers at the outset, an error, I should have run to my pace. This time I took that to another level, and forgot my watch :oops:

Cold damp start at a country park, turned out the whole race was on paths. That was not quite as ideal as it might seems, they were quite narrow, lots of puddles and damp leaves so needed to be very aware of where everyone was and choose lines carefully.

Started with the 1.30 pacers but dropped back within 2 miles, this did not feel like a 6.52 per mile day. This perhaps was determined on Friday night at the xmas works do. I have been attending such dos for 40 years and have settled on a strategy....get drunk reallly early on and then dance the night away....and I did. The result that my legs felt tighter on Sunday morning than if I had raced the day before :lol:

So 3 miles done in just under 20mins (not that I knew that at the time but only after results published), that felt a tad unsustainable. I settled into what felt like a decent pace that I thought was more comfortable, next 3 in 21mins. It was a little more lumpy than I anticipated, not big hills but lots of bridges and underpasses that sapped the tired legs. Got to mile 9 feeling ok, but the pace had dropped slightly. Maintained what I could for the run in and gave the last mile everything.

Final time 1.32.27
16/215 ag
155/1997 overall

Measured course distance was 21.2 so if we did the extra 100m that would put the hm time for me just under 1.32.

Happy with that. It was actually enjoyable not running with a watch and am not convinced my time suffered as a result. I, once again went off too quick for the first 3 miles but I do that when I have a watch anyway, it’s only with hindsight that you know you have done that.

I think I might get the turbo set up now :D :D
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Re: Milton Keynes Winter Half Marathon

Postby Jack Hughes » 14 Dec 2018 08:38

Looks like a pretty convincing season.

GFA should be very doable, as you say, just need to get a bit of a base on, find a nice flat marathon.
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Re: Milton Keynes Winter Half Marathon

Postby jonathon.e » 15 Dec 2018 11:40

Great result Jimba, and still living the BCTTT ethos with the absent watch.
Looking forward to reading about your GFA training and races next year. :D
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