Club Relays

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Club Relays

Postby JoddyBear » 13 Jun 2011 16:01

Well, they're getting closer and suddenly things need doing.

Can all members that are coming to the relays (whether competing or not) please fill out a copy of the attached form and email it to me. (You can get my email address from my profile)
Club Awards 2011

Next, we have a limited availability offer for you. In order to raise some funds, our very own Runningmad will be utilising our newly acquired Club Geezebo performing naked massage over the weekend.
well maybe i made the naked bit up

Massage slots will be 20 minutes each, and will be at the princely sum of £20 although you are welcome to pay more if you desire.(This will be split 40% to the club, and 30% each to Team Laws and GetBeatriceMobile) Payment details and the necessary paperwork will be arranged once you have booked a slot.

Booking can be done by PM'ing me and i will edit the list of available slots below as they go.

1800 -
1830 -
1900 -
1930 -

1400 -
1430 -
1500 - SGM Beardface
1600 - Prof. Jibbenstein Jr.
1630 - Shadowone1
1700 - AndyC
1800 - md6
1830 -
1900 -

Any questions/comments/suggestions can be directed at myself or Woody along with your forms and massage requests.

Good times.
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Re: Club Relays

Postby moonshine » 21 Jun 2011 20:59

please Sir but the document is locked and if won't let me put enyfink in it :?
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Re: Club Relays

Postby gingertri » 16 Aug 2011 19:31

i seem to have unlocked it, then realised that it may have been locked for a relocked it (got confused then realised that moonshine actually meant the zip file!). If you can't open it PM me!
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