Recent Changes to board

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Recent Changes to board

Postby willy_1977 » 10 Jan 2011 13:42


As you may be aware there have been a number of changes made recently to the board which whilst not wholly visible they are changes which will help reduce the spam we get.

Firstly following an un-named administrative operative giving the majority of users spam ninja-ering abilities we essentially now have a new colour scheme to our users:-

    Some say he's a triathlete, others say he eats professional athletes for breakfast and blags stuff... but he is the reason we're all here together and pulling in the same direction... our founder all hail the founder... if not... beware :ninja:

    the current steerer of the good ship BCTTT... usually MIA after being announced, only to return at the end of their SGM term, Mrs Founder will make decisions on the clubs behalf again you can disagree with the decisions but beware :ninja: :ninja: :ninja:

    Are the people who thanklessly and mercilessly go about keeping our innocent little eyes from seeing pictures of naked ladies and seeing adverts for penis enlargement pills syphoning off the best links for their personal collections.

    Magazine Editor
    Tough job - but someone had to be nominated to do it, magazine related bumf... contact the person who's name is this colour... somehow we've ended up with the best tri magazine going ;) good job mag ed!

    Club Members
    Are paid up members of our hardy band of brothers and sisters... voted (by us) "Best tri-club know/unknown universe 2010, 2011"

    Makes setting amendments and installs new features on the board, juggles space, generally gets in your way and stops you from enjoying posting and making life difficult for you by taking the board offline as and when they please. Or me essentially as Rice Rice Baby is MIA... we really should send out the moderators to see if we can find him? However, if the mods can't help you contact the Administrators group and I'll - errr we'll - see what can be done. the toad to the founders Magneto if you will...

Other colours exist to essentially dictate that that person hasn't switched to the darkside... yet.

We have succesfully upgraded to v 3.08 of the software that we use to power the board, this essentially means that known loopholes have been closed again.

I have changed the sign up procedure. Registration is now a two stage affair, on registering users will be asked to provide text defining why they want to join our forum, this may slow down new users registering but should stop the spambots for a while. Once the account get's past the registration process it is put on a probation period of three posts, if they make three posts roughly related to what we're about then the account will be fully active. I've had to take this step to reduce the workload for the mods; looking at the amount of spambots being killed something had to change.

Yours ever power hungry,

Admin (willy_1977, and Rice... I suppose)
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