Need another bike or some hard to find parts? Ask in here.


Postby willy_1977 » 25 Oct 2010 13:50

So what is your Post? Please put it in the heading.

A bad post is "I need a frame". A better post is "I need a carbon fibre race frame, and I have £350 to spend".

Please do not 'bump' your posts back to the top of the board. This is very inconsiderate towards other users who are advertising - we're all friends here.

If you get a satisfactory response to your ad can you please Amend the topic title to include RECEIVED - other members know then that you're not still looking.

Spam and Scammers

Flag the post. and the spam will get deleted. If you decide that you really need to reply and say something, the whole topic will be deleted as you are making more work than is needed. IE the Mods now have two posts to delete rather than one. Guess what to remove the whole topic is easier.

As always, if in doubt, report the post and we'll sort it out.

Many thanks.

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