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BCTTT is NOT responsible for any issues relating to goods not received or money not paid, you are using this section of the forum to sell and buy items, should any problems arise the forumites will be happy to help but you buy and sell at your own risk.

Please do not 'bump' your posts back to the top of the board. This is very inconsiderate towards other users who are advertising - we're all friends here.

Your adverts should include

Photos - or at least a link to a FLIKR/hosting site, and not Manufacturer websites. We know what XXX looks like, but what we REALLY want to know is what the bike/bits for SALE looks like.

So if you do not have photos of what you want to sell do not make an advert.

Full component/spec list
approx Location

So what is your Post? Please put it in the heading.

If you have lots of items for sale do NOT make one post for each item.

How to add images to your posts
First you need to host the image somewhere on the net. common hosts are:-

Please read their Terms and conditions regards linking and hosting.

Some sites provide code for you to add to your post, or you can copy the images properties and paste that between the img tags provided by the img box above the reply window.

for example this picture

Code: Select all

The above are the properties of the image. now put that between the img tags and you get..

Code: Select all

Spam and Scammers

Flag the post. and the spam will get deleted. If you decide that you really need to reply and say something, the whole topic will be deleted as you are making more work than is needed. IE the Mods now have two posts to delete rather than one. Guess what to remove the whole topic is easier.

As always, if in doubt, report the post and we'll sort it out.
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