Lincoln Triathlon 2015

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Lincoln Triathlon 2015

Postby King Sad » 04 May 2015 11:20

Where: David Lloyd, Burton Waters, Lincoln
When: 3 May
Organiser: One Step Beyond
Distance(s): 400m pool swim, stated as 22k bike but it is actually 24k, 5k run
Marshalling: Plenty, very friendly. Traffic control
Facilities: Use of the David Lloyd club facilities, showers, changing rooms
Freebies: Technical tee

Weather forecast – rainy, windy. Race morning, rainy (heavy), windy (14mph), cold (9C) but became calmer, warmer and brighter as the day progressed ../ but not until I had finished ... Harumph!

As usual with my timings I refer to the times of the podium placers in my AG; at 57 it is sheer folly to be upset if anyone 45 or younger is faster than me.

The race

Swim - Swimming has really dropped off this year :( working on it. Splashed up and down 16 times, got out, picked up my pre-positioned sleeves to keep my delicate arms warm and trotted to T1.

Crossed the mat at 9.13 about 30-45s slower than normal :(
Podiums: 8.41, 8.19, 8.37

T1 – It was heaving down :cry: People were tipping rainwater out of helmets and shoes or had them stowed in boxes, bags and even shopping bags - myself included :D
Podiums: 0.35, 1.09, 1.38

Bike – Out of T1, across the roundabout (traffic controlled), first 2.5k flattish, patches of standing water and then the climb through Burton Village. A 40m climb with 26m over the last 300m through the village. Onto the top, left through the next traffic control for 3.5K.

Top Tip: When you know you are going to be racing in the rain and you have pulled out the anti-fogging for the pre-race prep the day before, remember to apply the damn stuff otherwise you will then be cycling virtually blind for 24k. Idiot :oops:

Along the top 37kph average, max 47kph.

Hit the RAF Scampton Viewpoint, then the short drop for the run to Sturton along the Roman road. 57kph on the drop then average 40kph for the next 6.5k, thankfully had a partial tail wind SE wind along an ESE road :D

Left onto the road to Saxilby for the next 5k or so, wind not quite a headwind but coming at 3/4 left hence 31kph average max 37kph, hard work and quite by surprise a chum shot some video of me - fantastic :D ... ideo%2cmp4

Left onto the A57 for last 4k, definite headwind, 26kph av 29kph max. The only blessing was that A57 had been closed to Eastbound traffic for the race. Although I had been passing others along the route it was only with about 750m to go I was overtaken by a young lad from the next wave so can’t complain at that.

Time: 47.22, 3.22 off my PB.
Podiums: 45.09, 45.21, 47.58
3rd fastest bike in AG and in top 30% of all bike times. Not bad considering I could only see shapes most of the time :? .. but I was using 'The Force' .... BTW 'May the Fourth be With You' .... bit silly but hopefully lesson learned :oops:

T2: Another slow one. No excuses, rain was easing off but everything soggy :shock: cleaned grit off my feet, got a blister from rubbing on the last race which took ages to clear.

Time: 1.35
Podiums: 0.43, 0.50, 1.25

Run: I just ran, passed quite a few, enjoyed the run.
Tine: 24.26
Podiums: 21.26, 21.27, 20.59

Total: 1:24.00, 4mins off my PB. 5th in AG, 166 out of 425 finishers.
Podiums: 1.16.35, 1.17.07, 1.20.39

+ 9.8% of the winner

So as I write this on a glorious morning, what a difference 24hrs makes, thoughts are a challenging race but overall pleased. Swim and run needs work but addressing that.
It seemed like a good idea at the time :? .

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Re: Lincoln Triathlon 2015

Postby ris » 04 May 2015 14:24

Well done, KS. You are right about the weather today compared to yesterday. I know which I'd rather be out in!
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Re: Lincoln Triathlon 2015

Postby Sir Jibbenstein » 04 May 2015 14:44

Well done KS, sounds like you raced well in rubbish conditions. Top Stuff!
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Re: Lincoln Triathlon 2015

Postby Jimba » 04 May 2015 18:18

That's more like it KS, well done particularly given the conditions.
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Re: Lincoln Triathlon 2015

Postby kfjatek » 04 May 2015 20:11

Nicely done KS - especially in the crazy weather!

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