ris' 2014 review

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ris' 2014 review

Postby ris » 02 Jan 2015 12:04

i've done this in good years so i have to do it in bad...

2014 has been a bit of a dead loss. a couple of nice high points and a fair bit of bouncing along the bottom.

it started well, but the warning signs were there. in the build up to my first race of the year - bath half - i started having problems with my lower back/hips, and it was in a bad way after the race. coupled with some grim shin splints i was off running and into regular physio by the middle of march. this was frustrating, but i figured it would be a necessary evil and if i was lucky i might get some races in at the end of the season. short term loss for long term gain. when my back was bad, though, i couldn't run or swim. i could cycle a bit (and did), but everything else was off.

to console myself i joined the gym to make use of their floor to do yoga on. and as i was a member i got free swimming and free classes, so i occasionally went to the spin class, which was fun.

by the end of may things weren't much better, though. physio was getting somewhere but i didn't have confidence they knew where (started with length length discrepancies, then identifying that i walked oddly, then it was my glutes and my lowest trans-abs, it felt a bit unfocussed). i got recommended a back specialist physio in swindon who seemed more confident and beat the hell out of my back, with some success. two sessions with her and i felt a lot more robust.

i started running slowly - 5mins. 8mins. 12mins. by the middle of august i was roughly up to a weekend long run of an hour and two 30min steady sessions. i thought i'd won the recovery and entered the relays and the cambridge oly, and promptly got a freak ankle injury that put me out of the first and would have done for the second had it not been cancelled.

back to the start again. i didn't run at all in september as the ankle was immensely sore. and then my back pinged out again (slightly higher up this time), so i was off swimming, too. to make up for my wounded paw i accepted ade's challenge of 4up TT and enjoyed it immensely. i hadn't felt that bike fit but i rode ok and the reaction during the week after (much faster commutes) meant that i could see the benefit of doing more.

from april to december i've been quite busy at work, enough that i've been away and missed commute sessions and lots of club swim sesssions. my swimming has been pretty erratic. some weeks good, other weeks shocking, but then what can you expect when you miss 1/3 of the swim progamme? i set myself the challenge of swimming every day if possible over the christmas hols and i hope this helps!

so, a year where i've been forced for a variety of reasons to step back a bit. work, injury, other injuries, cancelled race, all aligning to cause maximum frustration. 2013 was nearly the opposite, so i can't complain too much.

there are positives to be had. i did like the tt, and am hopeful of doing some more. i have a bike for such things now...

regular weekly yoga/weight sessions are a positive addition to my regular training pattern.

spin classes are no bad thing for a sunday morning. probably not every week, but hopefully i'll keep going.

numbers (pretty much everything in halves!)

distance 3754mi (4980mi) [4900mi] {4998mi}
time 216h (287) [285h] {289h}
mph 17.3mph (17.3) [17.3] {17.3}

distance 345 (1012) [659] {678}
time 44h (132) [84:30] {84:28}
ave pace (will check sportstracks) (7:29) [8:18]
ave speed 7.8mph (7.7) [7.8] {8}

distance 247km (364) [361] {340}
time 92h (137) [135] {127}

new! for 2014
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Re: ris' 2014 review

Postby Jack Hughes » 02 Jan 2015 15:34

You've still managed a fair few hours per week, despite being broken!
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Re: ris' 2014 review

Postby Bopomofo » 02 Jan 2015 23:02

Yeah, that's mileage.
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ris' 2014 review

Postby Tritans » 04 Jan 2015 21:45

The TTT was a laugh, and you forgot Magnifitwat part deux.

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