Again but Kudos to Btown

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Again but Kudos to Btown

Postby S11 » 08 Nov 2013 20:55

I have Reynolds Element disc which I have cherished since the day I got it....In fact you would be lucky if that disc had seen 500 miles in the 2yrs that I've had it.

At Ripon this year I had a catastrophic fail on the bike - which at the time I had no idea what it was - only to find out when I got the bike home the disc had broken. How could this be??? Well the hub had totally delaminated from the main body of the disc so instead of rotating the disc - it was basically just turning and kinda grinding away at the carbon body...

So I got on the blower to Mike who between him and Jay - the usual stuff happened - don't know what they did or what the craic was - but I got a sparkly new Reynolds Element disc which is an absolute gem of a disc - new graphics/ feels lighter....etc etc...

From what I gather my old disc was shipped back to the USA - from what I was told Reynolds have never come across it...well I can tell them that when that disc broke there was a crack sound that made me wonder if my bike was foocked...but credit to Reynolds they stumped up when they had no reason to and credit to Mike - he knows why.

Now I've had the disc for a while and it was Bopo's post on FB that reminded that I had yet to do this.

Bridgtown...They go the extra mile..

And that's why I travel from Scotland to go there.
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