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On your bike - London Bridge

PostPosted: 31 Jul 2015 08:59
by md6
As always, very helpful, great service and having bits that no one else seems to have.

As I'd been a bit of a halfwit when changing cassette the other day I managed to lose one of the spacers (between the 16 and 14 cogs at the bottom end) and didn't notice at the time and only noticed when riding and couldn#t select those gears...anyway. I tried all over for a spacer, internet searches, and a few phone calls no one had anything - well I found one online for $18 +postage from the US.
Anyway long story short, a quick call to OYB, the head mechanic wasn't in so they called back when he was, the had a spacer (well a few) and I could collect whenever I was passing. Grabbed it on the way home and they didn't even ask for anything for it. Of course, I bought something while I was there (who can go into a bike shop and not buy something????) but there wasn't any pressure to and they were really great about it all. They didn't even laugh at me for being a muppet (at least not while I was there!). So, if in the area that's the place to go!

Re: On your bike - London Bridge

PostPosted: 31 Jul 2015 20:18
by King Sad
Nice to hear about good service :D