Evolution of a position II

Evolution of a position II

Postby CCS » 16 Sep 2014 09:55

Sorry to disappoint, Kevy... still boring photos of someone in lycra on a bicycle! :lol:

Inspired by Ian's recent thread, I thought I would also take a look at how things have evolved... on reflection, it actually looks like more of a kit than a positional evolution.
Why don't photographers take more decent side on pictures too?

Back when the world was young, riding My Little Pony (rather too small for me). Bike fit conducted entirely by myself (involving buying the cheapest road bike of a reputable make I could find; adjusting the saddle height and hopping on board).

A year on, and Champion the Wonder Horse enters the picture. Bike fit again done at home through trial end error, with very little thought.

Another year on; Champ again - this time after a trip to Bridgtown for a proper fit (new, narrower shallow drop bars etc) - and some fancy wheels seem to have fallen onto my frame.

Champ again - so major changes that I am aware of - just the passing of another year...

A year older, and Fluffy enters the fray. Initial bike fit from Bridgtown focussed on triathlon.

This year - after another bike fit at Bridgtown, aimed at TT-ing objectives. Early season at a miserable windy 50, nervously testing the effects of howling wind on a new (to me) disc wheel.
Talk of 'I wouldn't be seen dead in a pointy hat' seems to have been forgotten!

And finally, with the same fit, but the best part of a season's riding behind me (i.e. much the same but a bit fitter?)

So, where next?
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Re: Evolution of a position II

Postby IanM » 16 Sep 2014 10:24

CCS wrote:So, where next?

Up the M40! ;)

I feel I don't know anywhere near enough to adjust my position on my own (or make comments on other people's positions). Happy to leave it in the hands of the experts until I know more and feel like tinkering.

Definitely worth working on flexibility though, to enable a more aggressive position, unless you're already on top of that - I most definitely wasn't. One of the things I disagree with in Topham's book is that he suggests you only need to do planks for TTing - but his background is a high level gymnast, so he's going to be pretty flexible already!
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