Club Relays - 24/25 August 2013 - Please Read

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Club Relays - 24/25 August 2013 - Please Read

Postby Bopomofo » 29 Jun 2013 09:21

National Club Relays 24/25 August - incorporating the BTF Relays Championships and the BCTTT Club Championships
National Watersports Centre, Adbolton Lane, Nottingham

Teams of 4. Each team member will take turns to swim 400m, bike 15km, run 5km

Saturday 08:45 : Mixed & Open
Saturday 13:45 : Female & Open
Sunday 10:15 : Male & Open

BCTTT Members AND Non-Members are all invited to join us and race - see below.

Oh dear lordy. Against my far better judgement it is time to get ourselves together for the Club Relays. For the uninitiated, this is a weekend of camping, drinking and barbecues. Some people do some PE, too.

Male or Female team: duh. Mixed team : 2 boys, 2 girls. Open team: any combination of male/female racing at the ‘wrong’ time. Eg a boys team would be ‘open’ if racing on the Saturday afternoon. Clear? Good.

BTF Championships
This event is the National Club Relay Championships which incorporates the BTF Club Relay Championships. To qualify for the BTF Championships, all members of a team MUST have BCTTT as their first claim club on their BTF race licence.

We would like to run a high performance team in any/all of the categories if possible. Most likely a Mixed or Male team. For there to be any point in this, these teams shall be BCTTT members ONLY. The organisers do not actually make a distinction but in the unlikely event that anybody was actually good then another team could (rightly) claim unfair if you are not all club members.

General Classification!
For the rest of us, nobody cares. All other teams can have day-licenses in them and we encourage friends, first-timers and other hangers on to see how the greatest tri-club in the known (and unknown) universe does it. Remember this is our main recruiting drive for the year - please bring a crowd!

Team (Dis-)Organisation
After a discussion with Jibby, this year we are going to do the following: the same as last year, pretty much. There will be no single person doing all the entries as this would probably involve somebody (me) dropping about £2000 on my credit card then chasing you all. Team captains will volunteer/be picked for each team and can co-ordinate themselves.

If you want to form a team based on region, ability, sexual preference etc then go ahead. Put your team down and go recruit. Some of us will want to try and do the same teams as before and see if we can go quicker... or see if we have more of a laugh etc. If you are not bothered, then just say which race you’d like to do or are ‘available’ for (in case we need to make up numbers) and we will attempt to arrange people into balanced teams that will achieve the cut-off. This may involve witch-craft. :shock:

And finally...
We are not subsidising entry costs (£40 per person) since it is not a shocking amount of cash and we feel that knocking a tenner off the price isn’t going to make more people turn up.

We will have a party on the Sunday night, including the Annual BCTTT Awards (this event also incorporates the BCTTT Club Championships) and a subsidised barbecue – costs to be decided but it’ll be cheap like last year. The beer pool will put in an appearance. I will be asking each team to sponsor an award category as before. We should also recognise individual performances on the day.

I think that has covered it. Unlike last year’s drawn out process – my fault as I thought it would take forever and was worried about us not getting places – I have left it much later this year. It didn’t sell out and I have a feeling that this will fill as much time as we give it: Let’s see if we can get this sorted in three weeks? :lol: :lol: :lol:

Anybody in a position to provide or blag a prize please go right ahead and let me know what yer done blagged.

Questions/comments about the format on this thread please. Team organisation on the other thread. Let's go!

I had fun once. It was awful.
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