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Garmin Etrex touch 25

PostPosted: 13 Jul 2016 15:27
by Seasider71
Watch this space.....

Re: Garmin Etrex touch 25

PostPosted: 22 Jul 2016 16:12
by Seasider71
Had a couple of runs out with this now, and on the face of it - seems to be exactly what I need for my challenge in December.

Out of the box there are a couple of issues though - there is pretty much no instruction on how to set it up, even the online instructions are pretty flakey.

The device can do way more than I need it for, and I don't think I will ever use any of the preloaded geo-cache stuff.

So through trial and error, I managed to discover how to create routes and upload them onto the device, not yet figured out how to get the device to let me know if I have gone off course, but its easy to keep checking the route on the screen which can be easily seen even in direct sunlight.

It has a couple of nifty little things on it - where it will track where you have been and direct you back to your starting point with a single button press, and also a sight and go setting, where you point the compass in the direction you want to head, and it will route you via whichever medium you require road / trail etc... in that direction.

I have just ordered a SD card that is pre-loaded with all European maps, so the device can be used as a sat-nav too.

It only uses 2 x AA batteries, which give a rough life of 17hrs constant usage - so rechargable ones will keep the cost down.

Another downside is that it is not ANT+ enabled, it needs to be connected by a cable, but this is no major issue for me.

I will keep playing with the functions and update when I find some other little trick I like.