Sportful No Rain bib tights

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Sportful No Rain bib tights

Postby CCS » 08 Oct 2014 16:41

Seeing as autumn is here, I have splashed out some money I don't have on some kit I can't afford...

Short review: I put them on; it started to rain. Conclusion: they don't work


I bought some new bib tights, as I think the last 2 seasons have finally proved to me that you don't actually die (much) if you ride a bike in the great outdoors in winter. Finally decided to replace my elderly DHB bibs, which are starting to go a bit bobbly, and the chamois is getting a bit wrinkled, and with memories of the great deluge of 2013/14 (and wearing tights that had absorbed about a kilo of rain) decided to give these a go. Not sure how much rain they will keep out, as it wasn't that heavy today - but they are meant to have some sort of fabric technology that encourages the water to sort of ball up on the surface rather than soak through. We will see how that goes.
Very comfortable otherwise - despite suffering from 1.5 hrs on the turbo last night, nether regions had no complaints about the chamois after 115km on the road today. A bit short in the leg perhaps (but then, most things are on me) - and perhaps cut a bit low on the front (danger of gut overspill) - but pleased so far (and I damned well should be at that price).

Sure there will be more shopping bulletins to follow...
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