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Shameless Plug

Postby Tritans » 14 Jan 2010 20:30

No, not another series of the hit :| TV show.


A new event at Reading in September, the same location as the first Tri ever held in the uk. Co hosted / hosted by the lads from mysporting times. These are the guys that run the openwater swimming at Reading. They are a really friendly bunch, all Tri addicts and they helped my a overcome my fear of ow last year.

I'm doing the OD (slowly).
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Re: Shameless Plug

Postby albinolock » 14 Jan 2010 20:40

Hey Ade,

thanks looks fantastic..

Good price too..

Perhaps this could be BCTTT end of season event.. it's 2 weeks after the Little/Big Woody and 2 weeks before the New Forest Middle distance Tri, therefore a perfect cheeky Tri to keep our hands in :D
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