winter HM challenge

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winter HM challenge

Postby andyb99 » 06 Oct 2013 12:55

Here are the current starters...if anybody else wants to join in feel free and send me your run time in october and i will add you to the list. I will lock this thread and just edit it as people do their runs. Can an administrator sticky it please (we dont have many stickies so it should not cause people too much pain and suffering..unlike the running)

AndyC (Oct Glasgow HM 2:2:51)
Big Show (Oct Standalone HM 1:54:03 )
Bopomofo (Oct Standalone HM 2:09:19)(Nov Standalone HM 1:50:22)(Dec Standalone HM 2:24:32)(Jan Standalone HM 1:59:28)(Feb Reading Half Marathon - 1:52:24)
Flavadave (Oct Standalone HM 1:48:08)
Ewan (Oct Stanalone HM 1:56:11)(Nov Standalone HM 2:06:22)
Kidstardust (Oct Standalone HM 2:07:49)
Lead Balloon (Oct Standalone HM 1:54:53)
Tesseract (Oct Standalone HM - 1:45:55)(Nov Standalone HM 1:49:04)(Dec Standalone HM 1:37:18)(Jan Standalone HM 1:49:10)(Feb Standalone HM 1:42:42)(ok...but probably second...soz standalone HM 1:43:48)
Triumphant (Portishead HM, 2:05:36)(Nov Standalone HM 2:03:30)(Dec Standalone HM 2:08:36)(Jan Standalone HM 1:51:55)(Feb Standalone HM 2:15:16)(officially the first.......standalone HM 2:03:43.)
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