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2 weeks only

Postby andyb99 » 07 Mar 2013 15:08

Hi Guys, remember the offer Mike put out for me where you can get a bike fit on road or Tri bike (Road £100 Tri £180)????? or do the bike mechanics course for £80 instead of £110

well a couple of people took advantage so thanks so much for that....but....is anybody else interested that might have missed it??

if you are PM.....cause mike has agreed (being the true Gent he is) to extend the offer for us lot only....great chance to save money and donate to my cause.

the original offer is here....PM me before booking online so i can tell josh and co to look out for the booking.


Or...if ya just want to donate....i'd appreciate that also (especially after all the work i put in for you lot to kill yourselves on HM's over winter....thats got to be worth a donation right??? NO :lol: )
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