Weight loss and Sports/Recovery drinks - anathema?

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Weight loss and Sports/Recovery drinks - anathema?

Postby malteser » 13 Jan 2010 11:16

I've been trying to stay away from protein shakes/sports drinks etc., such as Lucozade, Hi5, SiS etc. because first and foremost if I'm actually going to get faster and finish my target races then I need to shift some weight as well as get fitter.

Am I hampering my training by doing so? And if I indulge in the Sports drinks/protein shakes etc. will that hamper the weight loss? Or is there a happy medium?
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Re: Weight loss and Sports/Recovery drinks - anathema?

Postby Sir Jibbenstein » 13 Jan 2010 14:07

The approach I take is to drink High5 zero (sorry, don't like Nuun) during low intensity fat burning and sub 1hour sessions because I shouldn't need the energy there and then have sports drink (Sis Go) for high intensity speed (normally club training) sessions. The theory being I don't want to deplete gyclogen stores, increase recovery time and hamper future sessions. Whilst this may be complete crap (I am open to the wisdom of a sports nutrtionist here) it seems to have worked for me so far and when I don't over indulge manage to lose weight steadily. So I don't think that you should stay away from sports drinks completely when trying to lose weight, but there use should be considered relative to the aim of the session.
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