My First Spinerval session

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My First Spinerval session

Postby albinolock » 11 Jan 2010 21:24

Finally back into the groove.. I’ve done some training!! My first of the year.. I thought I’d start with an easy Turbo. I have recently got a few Spinerval recordings and I decided to have a go at Spinerval # 8 Recovery and technique.. got off the turbo after 45 mins wanting to be sick!!! There is no way I can maintain the cadence, gearing and keep my Heart Rate low!!! I tried a bit of everything, but in the end I just forgot about my HR and went for it....

I have that sweaty glow, soaked T-Shirt and the endorphins are kicking in and I wonder why I didn’t do this earlier in the week..

I suspect my very high HR is somewhat down to my lack of training recently and the end part of my cold.. it has to be right?

The packets of cola bottles 30mins before I started probably didn’t help either.. still almost eaten through the last of the post Xmas crap left in the cupboard..

Just my Abs work out to do now...

Ironman here I come..

Happy Days
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