how much catch-up?!

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how much catch-up?!

Postby JoddyBear » 18 Jan 2010 12:19

I'm back with you all again after being isolated for the last month. (hands up if you noticed. Go on, be honest now. :( )

As a brief tale, the WAT saw a consultant in november (she was pregnant) and was told that she had a grade 1 placenta previa (i think it means that the doorway was blocked) presenting a risk to both her and baby so if it didn't shift by the start of december then she would have to be admitted to hospital for the duration.

It didn't move.

On the 3rd of december i dropped her off at Taunton hospital and started what has got to be the longest 6 weeks of my life so far. I'd managed to arrange for number one son to be looked after by his grandparents whilst i was at work meaning that i only had to take minimal days off, but of course as they had him all that time i couldn't really ask them to take him in the evenings or weekends too much so only managed a little training - to all intents and purposes, none.

Still i struggled through my inactivity by chasing my little 15 month old son, Thomas, around the house whilst his highly inconsiderate mother lounged around in the height of NHS luxury on her all inclusive break.

She finally managed to knuckle down for an elective section on the 21st and delivered me with a lovely little girl that we called Jessica. :D

I brought the family home on the 23rd and we had a lovely christmas and a nice relaxed new year. Yeah right! Honestly, i would never have believed that two little things like them could make that much noise.

As she'd had a section, she was told that there was no driving for 6 weeks and that she couldn't lift anything heavier than the baby for at least 4 weeks. That included the Thomas. Fortunately, due to my cleverness i'd just used my normal holiday over tha christmas period meaning that i could then take my 2 weeks paternity leave from the 4th and stay home to help look after them all.

It's been a fairly hectic time, and what with all the jobs i was given to do, and the weather over the last couple of weeks, even though i have been off work from the 18th of december until today, since december 1st i have only managed to complete 2 hours of swim training and 3 hours of cycling.

And i haven't even had time to spend on the forum since the 18th! (Because i'm generally on here daytimes in between irritating meetings)

All this has meant that i'm now back up to 15 stone, pretty well addicted to sweets and chocolate and take away, and worst of all i'm drinking again!

Still, that's all over now. I'm back. Back at work, back on the bike (1 hr commute in this morning), and back on the forum! Although i appear to have missed some fairly significant times by the changes around here. It's like we've had changing rooms in to redecorate.

Anyway, the start of the season isn't that far away and i need to get motivated so can someone please give me some assisting boot application against the rear to get me back on track. I'm going on the france camp but at the moment am thinking that my fitness levels are going to be a fair old embarrasment even by then, especially considering i turn 30 in about 3 weeks so can write off at least a week there for hangover.

oh, and happy new year :)
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Re: how much catch-up?!

Postby james » 18 Jan 2010 12:27

A massive congratulations on the birth of your baby daughter.

In terms of the kick up the arse, where abouts are you based? An early morning group ride with some fellow BCTTT's is the way forward... You are less likely to postpone the ride if you have arranged to meet other people!
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Re: how much catch-up?!

Postby ris » 18 Jan 2010 12:40

congrats on the new family, jody, i hope that the wife and babb are doing well, and thomas is taking to his sister! you'll be back on the training treadmill soon enough and wondering how you ever missed it!
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Re: how much catch-up?!

Postby jac » 18 Jan 2010 14:06

Congratulations on the birth!
My second is due in three weeks.
Just take it easy..don't hammer yourself. Lack of sleep, lack of fitness, bad eating + rushing to get up to speed = illness.
Good luck! :D
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Re: how much catch-up?!

Postby jonathon.e » 18 Jan 2010 14:42

Many congratulations on the new addition to your Triathlon support team.
Don't rush,do what you want,when you feel the need,try not to treat the training as a guilty pleasure as you may resent it in the long run.
If it takes a few more weeks the so be it,don't stress about extra poundage.loss of fitness,your family comes first.
Oh and congratulations again. :D :D
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Re: how much catch-up?!

Postby garyroberts » 18 Jan 2010 14:56

....for gods actually put your family first :shock: you'll never make a real triathlete :cry:

Well done to you and your lady, many are ace. When I think about it, they can often be my biggest motivation when training, I picture their little faces seeing me running up to the finishing line, all proud of their dad!

Well done to you for coping with what sounds like a pretty scary put the same motivations into getting back on the bike, in the pool and running, do it for yourself and your family....

wish I would take my own advise sometimes :shock:
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Re: how much catch-up?!

Postby Bendy Ben » 18 Jan 2010 15:15

I'm really genuinely pleased your wife and daughter are doing well. Great stuff and it sounds like you had a rough time of it.

Your back in the no sleep part of parenthood again but hearty congrats.

Now, what races have you got planned this year?
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Re: how much catch-up?!

Postby moonshine » 18 Jan 2010 15:45


considering the weather you can't have missed out that much and now you have a little girl who until she hits 13 will think her daddy walks on water and will have you well and truely wrapped round her little finger as from now - so excuse to buy new kit etc in pink of course
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Re: how much catch-up?!

Postby malteser » 18 Jan 2010 15:50

CONGRATS !! the pitter patter of little feet brings joy to every household!! I'm sure you'll manage to fit your training in somehow ... rest of the time you'll just be floating on air thinking about the little ones - which could (in my case it sure would!) improve your run times!!
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Re: how much catch-up?!

Postby Jack Hughes » 18 Jan 2010 16:03

malteser wrote:the pitter patter of little feet brings joy to every household!!

That usually means we've got mice.

@jb: Reset your goals to make sure that they are attainable... otherwise you could get frustrated. Congrats to you and the missus though.
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