F**kin treadmill

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F**kin treadmill

Postby didds » 16 Jan 2010 23:01

Been doing LOTS of running recently on the dreadmill cos of weather condtions etc... and its doin' me bleedin' 'ed in mate!

Solved my turbo terrors by digging out the "spare" TV and dvd into the kitchen and finding the spinervals, and realised i need something else other than cassette climbing... Coach troy can be painful but (as moonshine mentions in f**kin turbos thread) it breaks that 80 minutes down into 15 minute segments of 5 minutes or whatever.

So - Troy does ruynnervals but I don;t know anyone that has splashed the cash for them to review... but we MUST be able to come up with something similar to bvreak the monotony of 80 minutes on a dreadmill with the jeremy kyle show on TV in front of us?

Tonight I did 3 on 1 off 10K race pace intervals which was a start... but... what do you guys use?

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Re: F**kin treadmill

Postby TRIumphant » 16 Jan 2010 23:55

I only ever use the STOP button. They bore me to death. Lately I've been risking life and limb running on icy paths in the snow. Anything is better than the treadmill in
the gym.
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Re: F**kin treadmill

Postby Bendy Ben » 17 Jan 2010 00:23

I make sure I go when the yummy mummy's go - after school drop off time midweek. That always wastes 15 mins.

Normally i phone with music or video's as you can plug into your own tv screen. Watching dick and tick hoyt on YouTube keeps me ticking over but I too am bored after an hour.
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Re: F**kin treadmill

Postby ris » 17 Jan 2010 00:41

abandon the dreadmill, the running is brilliant outside! less of a problem now that the weather is officially 'summer' again.

i like the snow for running on, but i did miss bike time.

how about a selection of running based films? chariots of fire, loneliness of a long-distance runner, run fatboy run... shit... marathon man?
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Re: F**kin treadmill

Postby KidStardust » 17 Jan 2010 00:44

i never use the treadmill, and try to get out whatever the conditions. i've done more running since the snow came than i ever have. with ris on this one.
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Re: F**kin treadmill

Postby didds » 17 Jan 2010 02:11

North Wilts obviously did a better job than kennet then Ris ! (oh, how silly of me... we are one unified councile now aren;t we? Aren't we?) ;-)

Roads/paths around here have been terrible... a few friends have come serious croppers running outside in these immediate areas in the last week or two...

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Re: F**kin treadmill

Postby jonathon.e » 17 Jan 2010 10:07

Logans Run
Silent Running
Loneliness of of long distant runner

Has to be outside,outside,or outside.No substitutes,no replacements just outside.
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Re: F**kin treadmill

Postby Jack Hughes » 17 Jan 2010 10:20

The only accompaniment you need is Pain! You can't be bored while waiting for the clock to get round to :00 again with your legs on fire and your lungs coming out of your nose.

I can only use a Treadmill/Turbo for particular well structured sessions - i.e. intervals, or above LT steady state efforts. Trying to do anything like a recovery run/easy run would be bore me to death. I don't really ever do more than 20 mins on the treadmill (it also hogs a machine).

I find it particular irksome, given the fantastic scenery round here, with numerous bridleways and footpaths, hill, forest and river side trails, all within a short bus ride from the town centre, that people will just walk on a treadmill for 45 mins. There should be a law against that.
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Re: F**kin treadmill

Postby AndyM » 17 Jan 2010 22:10

I am going to buck the trend here :shock: and say that I'm having some very constructive sessions on the old treadmill. Yes it is boring as hell but I can control the workout and I don't slip on my @rse :D
I think there's something in the attritional mindset that 1h+ on a treadmill gives you (like spending several hours staring at the garage door on the turbo), that only be beneficial in the lonely hours of a longer distance triathlon. Of course, having never done one, I could be talking a bunch of arse :oops:
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Re: F**kin treadmill

Postby moonshine » 17 Jan 2010 22:57

doing the treadmill but with all this zone 2 HR stuff have yet to get out of a very brisk walk stuck on 5% tilt- obviously horribly unfit :cry:
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