Armstrong and Kona (again...)

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Armstrong and Kona (again...)

Postby 45Cdo » 15 Jan 2010 19:42 ... 11-or-2012

I only read the other day that Lieto is 38 I think this goes someway to debunking the claim that LA's age will be the deciding factor....?
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Re: Armstrong and Kona (again...)

Postby jonathon.e » 15 Jan 2010 20:37

And the Armstrong PR machine trundles on.It kind of gets boring after the Nth time of reading about it.Once he is standing on the starting line then I may start to take notice,otherwise......boring.
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Re: Armstrong and Kona (again...)

Postby Sir Conehead » 15 Jan 2010 23:29

Everyone has an opinion on Lance, a bit like Marmite. He gets asked the 'Kona' question and it gets reported 'again'.

I'm sure if it were up to him he'd be happy to leave it at that, but from now till he gets (if he gets) to the start line we'll keep seeing this crop up again and again and blame him for it. I wish journo's would stop effing asking him.

I don't know Lance, but I know someone who does - and he's a good lad, and he says Lance is a good lad so that's good enough for me. I know athletes in some sports who are well like by the fans, but I know them to be complete tits away from the camera. I also know athletes that people think are dicks, but are in actualy fact really nice.

I'm taking this off topic slightly, but Macca is another one - he's 'mouthy' and 'macca the mouth'. Over the last 4 years I've yet to read anything or see anything to justify this. I've seen lots of cropped one liners taken out of context used to fuel this, but reading or watching full interviews, he is articulate and respectful. I saw a 'macca slams Lance' headline about Lance going to Kona, I watched the full interview with Macca and it was anything but. When Macca says he's going to Kona to win, the press fall over themselves about the 'mind games' he's playing on other triathletes. News is manufactured rather than reported, as with most things.

Elite triathlon is so devoid of headlines and anything to actually write about (other than swam, got out, got on bike, went fast, got off bike, ran fast - finished) that even a throw away one liner said in jest gets picked up and churned out as a gospel statement of fact. I've been on the recieving end of this when a golfer I work with jokingly said he hated Americans - it was in jest, but the journo concerned used it to create a headline and before you know it death threats are coming in.

We then complain that our athletes are sterile and too well groomed in interview responses, lacking personality. Lunatics writing to you saying their going to kill you and your family will do that.

I think I've taken this far enough off topic!

I hope Lance does go to Kona and I hope he does well - he won't win it though.
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Re: Armstrong and Kona (again...)

Postby albinolock » 15 Jan 2010 23:36

I'm just glad I don't get interviewed.. I hate to think of some of the headline (or pictures) :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
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