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Wetsuits and Podcasts

PostPosted: 20 Apr 2019 08:09
by jonathon.e
Not really two subjects you would connect but,

In 2012 I put a comment in my training log regarding wetsuit removal, whether it is quicker to remove in transition or running to transition or just after exiting the water, if only I had waited for a couple of years and the answer would have been clear through this scientific research paper. Which basically says it is personal preference, who would have known.

" We all want free speed,generally we pay for it though aero this,and dynamic that,lightweight crap we really dont need,we pay the cash to overcome the Rules or laws of physics,or at least to use them to our benefit.So thinking more outside the box,if we cannot get free speed,how can we reduce the time spent on the race(personnally I prefer to take more time as I then get better value for money).
It all comes down to multi tasking,how many jobs can you do at once,and how quickly can we get to thes tasks....
Ask some triathletes where they get changed between swim to bike and bike to run,and they will say the transition area.......does it say that this is compulsory in the rules...Is it quicker to get out of the wetsuit as soon as you exit the swim or run in it to transition....depends on the course...a long run and getting out of the wetsuit as soon as you exit,can give you a few extra seconds,races such as Clumber park had a run of over 400m,IMW,Blenheim,personal choice but one to think about.
Races such as Skipton,a pool tri,has another long run,if you race in trainers for both the bike and run,leave the trainers at the pool exit(unless the rules specifically state no to,faster to run in trainers than bare feet across gravel etc,but personal preference.
Do you leave your number belt with your helmet,or,stick the belt in your pocket of the trisuit,swim with it and then put it on as you run to T1.
Can you gain any advantage by the bike racking in transition.....if numbered racks the you get what you are given,but citing Skipton again,huge transition,get bike as close to exit for T1 and dump close to entrance as you enter T2.......closly followed by ''My run stuff,towel and other crap will be at the other end of transition''.....when I leave T1(sprint dist),I leave nothing behind......swim goggles are placed in back pocket,I race in trainers,QED,nothing is left.
These are all marginal gains for nothing,these marginal gains add up to minutes,when you get as old as me,seconds count.
KNocking seconds off your race time can be got for free.And free stuff always feels good."

BBC is currently running a podcast for new triathletes, part of their ' get inspired ' series. It harks back to the halcyon days of the BCTTT as it started out. A couple of triathletes, passing on their wisdom to newbies trying Tri for the first time. Greg Whyte gives some good tips, and is worth a listen if you have a few minutes to spare. ... /downloads

Re: Wetsuits and Podcasts

PostPosted: 22 Apr 2019 17:40
by Kevy427
Can’t say I’ve ever experienced the issue ;)

Re: Wetsuits and Podcasts

PostPosted: 22 Apr 2019 18:06
by jonathon.e
Kevy427 wrote:Can’t say I’ve ever experienced the issue ;)

Always a first time for everything Kev :D