Oundle 20 Road race

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Oundle 20 Road race

Postby Jimba » 25 Mar 2018 13:59

So having dabbled with a few half marathons last year and the year before, training went a bit off so had almost given up on marathon dreams. Naseby 16.45 came up and did that mid Feb in a not too shabby time. So entered this one as the acid test for whether to go for a gfa marathon time.
It’s fairly hilly 204m elevation (seemed like more !) with the killer being the last two miles up hill. Decided I would go out conservatively, aiming for an overall 2.30 time which is 7.30 p/m and comfortably inside gfa pace.
Highest point of the course was 10miles and by then had managed to only be about 1 min 15 off pace. Next 7 miles were broadly downhill and clawed back a bit of the lost time. By then though, the lack of distance training started to tell, and there wasn’t much in the tank. The person in front I had been pacing off started to pull away and one or two started to pass me, particularly in the last couple of miles which were hilly and my pace dropped to 8.19 and 8.24 for the last two.
Crossed the line 2.33.57
Overall very pleased with that. MK marathon in early May looks on. Will lose another couple of pounds, do a few longer runs and hopefully the flat course will help sneak me under 3.20.

Oh, and first ever AG win (out of 11 :lol: ) but thought with it being a small race (250 ish) that the ag bands would be 50-59 so didn’t bother to check before leaving without prize! :oops:
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Re: Oundle 20 Road race

Postby jonathon.e » 25 Mar 2018 17:23

Fantastic result Jimba, well done, excellent pacing given the hilly nature of the course too. First in AG, most excellent. Great for MK marathon.
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Re: Oundle 20 Road race

Postby Jack Hughes » 25 Mar 2018 19:15

Excellent stuff!

Really well done.

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Re: Oundle 20 Road race

Postby Bopomofo » 25 Mar 2018 22:03

Ah, this made me smile. Great work, very impressive time.

I'm inspired to get off my arse and try this running thing again.
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Re: Oundle 20 Road race

Postby Kevy427 » 02 Apr 2018 11:16

Jimba wrote:Oh, and first ever AG win (out of 11 :lol: )

Go on, be off with ya, bringing shame upon this Club!

Well done, Jimba!
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