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Membership 2012-13

PostPosted: 20 Mar 2012 19:54
by Sir Jibbenstein
Right folks. As SGM I have had tonnes of admin to sort out for the past month. One of the things I have been sorting is the membership subscriptions for 2012-13. With 2 weeks until the traditional April 1st membership renewal I thought I would let you know what has happened/is going to happen.

I have signed us up with IMG Sports Technology Group. They will provide a page for people to sign up on along with a membership database. This will be linked to from the forum, and eventually the club website. It is a lot like the entry central approach, except it offers a few more features for managing subscriptions and possibly some future additions for us. It will provide you with a membership record. We can access this and get pertinent details. For example I hope to provide S11 access so address for club kit can be found easily. So please keep this up to date.

Subscriptions will move from an April 1st renewal to a 12 month rolling membership. This means there is no penalty for signing up in May etc. I have decided, to keep subscriptions at their current rate. There was a suggestion they are great value for money and could go up, but I want to increase club funds by increasing the membership rather than the fees. So they will remain at £30 this year. At the same time we are seeing increasing numbers of WAT/GAT/HAT/BATs becoming active in the club. To recognise that many of the benefits are negated by already having one member there will be a so called "Family" membership option. This will cost £45. It is intended for you and significant other halves, not for father/son etc. money saving. I trust no one will abuse this, if you do you will be asked to pay the difference. I am also offering a number of free memberships to those raising for charity. Current I have a lack of applications. Please get them in by Friday if you are doing something for charity this year and could do with a free membership.

IMG do not charge the club a fee for the service they provide, instead, just like EntryCentral they charge a transaction fee, set at 6%. The money will then be transferred to the club bank account.

The current estimated "Go Live" is April 2nd. Current memberships will remain active until go live should it be delayed, when it is up and running you will revert back to being an ordinary forum member.

Re: Membership 2012-13

PostPosted: 20 Mar 2012 20:36
by Bopomofo
A cracking start to your rule of global domination, James. I need to get on with the web-site, or at least a mock up, as discussed.

A massive thank you, which I'm sure the club membership will echo.

Re: Membership 2012-13

PostPosted: 20 Mar 2012 21:09
by IronMorg
loving the family membership... Liz has said she will join with me so will get her to join the forum

Re: Membership 2012-13

PostPosted: 21 Mar 2012 10:14
by Tarka the Nutter
Great work Sir Jibbenstein :-)

Re: Membership 2012-13

PostPosted: 21 Mar 2012 10:32
by TonyWilson
Nicely done sir :D

Re: Membership 2012-13

PostPosted: 25 Mar 2012 19:54
by Sir Conehead
Smacks of organisation.

Hopefully normality will be restored by all the tri clubs in UK subs being accidentally transferred to Jibster.

Re: Membership 2012-13

PostPosted: 25 Mar 2012 20:40
by Sir Jibbenstein
Sir Conehead wrote:Smacks of organisation.

Hopefully normality will be restored by all the tri clubs in UK subs being accidentally transferred to Jibster.

:lol: :lol: :lol: That northern air is thin isn't it. The lack of oxygen has got to your brain. It may look like organisation on the surface, but I'm like a duck, you don't see the clusters streaming past beneath me :oops:

Re: Membership 2012-13

PostPosted: 28 Mar 2012 20:53
by Sir Jibbenstein
Right people. The link is all set up now. It should now be live.

Memberships now run for 1 year from the date you pay. This means if you are already a member then there is little point renewing before Sunday. If you are not yet a member then you may join any time from now on. In 11 months time you will get a reminder that your subscription is due to expire and you can renew.

It is a new system, hopefully there will not be any teething issues. You will be setting up an account for yourselves when you do this. I'm afraid it is separate to the forum, so you will require a new login. You will then have a membership record. It will contain your contact details, so when it comes to sending out club kit we don't have to ask for up to date addresses. So please make sure this record stays accurate.

In a few weeks time I hope to start making use of some of the fancy features, like setting up regional groups. That way we can email selections to organise local events, but let's deal with the simple things first.

There is the option to sign up for family membership. As stated above it is intended for significant others, and not a way to club together and get cheap membership. Please don't abuse it.

I said rates won't be going up. The amount the club receives will be £30 or £45. In a slight cluster I had missed the fine print that had "+VAT" on the transaction fee we get charged. So the rate everyone will pay will be £32.16 or £48.24 - a few pence more than last year. If this is a problem, well, tough, you try doing this job.

The plan is for member privileges to be removed on Sunday. Once you have renewed your account will be reactivated, please be patient as we do have lives and may not be able to confirm you have paid straight away.

The all important link: