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Who are we? What do some of those abbreviations we use mean? How do you get in on the act? Once in what do you get? We like to think it - and more - is all here.

How To Join

Postby Bopomofo » 13 Mar 2014 22:16

Bridgtown Cona Testa Triathlon Team is an affiliated British Triathlon Federation, Cycling Time Trials and Association of Running Clubs member.

If you are interested in joining us (£15 single, £22.50 family* per year), please CLICK HERE. For all the reasons why you should join, please read on.

The club has no constitution or rules as such, other than global triathlon domination. Some of us are in Team GB, some are in the middle of the pack, some are ducking under the deflating finish line as the marshals go home. We celebrate great results, great times, great efforts and great enjoyment. Basically, if you love triathlon, we love you.

We may appear to be a pukka club awash with ‘proper triathletes’ but the reality is most of us are making it up as we go along, while trying not to get in anyone else's way. Why rush through transition when you can have a nice sit down, eh?

Do any of these descriptions apply to you?

    1. I have some sort of mountain bike/hybrid thing: not exactly sure what it is, but it’s a bike – I know that much. I have little or no equipment and simply make do with what I have to hand. My main aim is to finish before the race marshals have to go home. I do this sport because I love it, love the people and it’s not about the kit you have. It’s a great way to stay in shape and meet fun people.

    2. I have the best bike I can afford, try to make sure I have the majority of the kit I need to race and I train as often as my home life and work allow. I might not have everything I want, but I’ve got what I need. My main aim is to train and race as often as I can, stay out of trouble and try to beat my time, every time I race, while trying to have fun!

    3. I have £4,000 worth of carbon bike porn which I parade happily up and down transition. My main aim is to win my age group and hopefully podium at every race I enter. If it comes in carbon, I probably own it and my garage resembles a triathlon boutique shop. You will never see me with anything triathlon related that is more than a season old. I would also sell one of my organs to secure Ironman Hawaii qualification. I may have a wife/husband/girlfriend/partner but it’s that long since I’ve actually seen them its hard to be sure.

Whatever the case, all are welcome at the BCTTT. The membership fee is a paltry £15 which, lets face it, is nothing when weighed against being part of triathlon global domination. Whether at the back, on the podium, or enlarging the bulging belly of the mid-pack, you are welcome.

Club members enjoy the affiliation with the national bodies mentioned above. We also have generous club discounts with shops, suppliers and manufacturers that we cannot put in public view. There is a vibrant and active forum, some of the most recognisable club kit around (top quality, too), and as we are spread far and wide there's usually a BCTTTer near you, or at your next race. We meet up, we socialise, we race together and best of all - we utterly dominate the National Relays with our huge number of teams (due to our 100% inclusive attitude - if you want to race, you WILL race), our camp-site, our after-race party and our unflinching support of anybody we don't know. We're cheering until the last finisher comes in, regardless of which club they're in.

If you are interested in joining us (£15 single, £22.50 family* per year), please CLICK HERE

*BCTTT can only accept members over 18
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