What do the different name colours mean?

Who are we? What do some of those abbreviations we use mean? How do you get in on the act? Once in what do you get? We like to think it - and more - is all here.

What do the different name colours mean?

Postby Sir Conehead » 08 Apr 2011 12:04

Pink = Former or current Supreme Grand Masters of the club (SGM), the dictator of a fascist regime whom we all bow to

Green = Forum Moderators with the power to go nuclear on spammers hence this is a spam free forum

Gold = Paid up club members (as are moderators and SGM's) the global domination army

Purple = Free loading benefit scammers on a free membership due to some sketchy reason like training/racing for charity or something - a total blag

Red = The IT gurus who keeps the forum functioning and without which we'd be reduced to plastic cups with string
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Re: What do the different name colours mean?

Postby ris » 10 Apr 2011 14:48

you forgot:

lilac or some purply-pink thing for the tool who agreed to chuck the mag out. :lol:
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