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Re: Club Tri Suit/Top/Shorts

PostPosted: 18 Jun 2013 16:53
by Sir Jibbenstein
ris wrote:jibbs - i have a medium ld suit and i would say that it fits me well except on body length. if you find the large at all 'short' in the body when swimming then the medium won't make it any better!

I find the club large suit too baggy around the waist now. I haven't worn it enough for the lycra to have stretched. Having squeezed into the GB suit I am now used to the feeling of racing with your trisuit trying to floss for you.

Re: Club Tri Suit/Top/Shorts

PostPosted: 18 Jun 2013 17:21
by Bendy Ben
A large fits me !!! How small have you got ? :o

Re: Club Tri Suit/Top/Shorts

PostPosted: 18 Jun 2013 17:52
by ris
jibbs - your post has reminded me i should have updated this after spending an evening with my current kit, measuring tape and the new champ sys 'guess your size' system. no kevy, i wasn't measuring that. or that.

when i checked the new champ sys medium trisuits against the endurance suit i have they have made them 2inches longer in the body. even the new xs size isn't as short in the body, or narrow across the chest, as my old suit is. the narrowness is also an issue as one of the seams rubs under my arm - an hour in the pool can generate quite a welt. again, the new suit is about 2inches broader.

as an aside - a year ago i tried an endurance mens large trisuit that swindon tri had delivered in their sample pack. the chap arranging the order wasn't 100% happy with my trying it on in the pool but given how short my bcttt med was i wanted to see if would be an improvement - it wasn't. i'm guessing it was still sizing up quite small.

from the looks of it champ sys have revised their sizing as they've revised their kit range. i'm pleased they have, it means that when i buy my next kit it will be more comfortable!