Attack of the killer Shrimp: Anglian Water 2013

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Attack of the killer Shrimp: Anglian Water 2013

Postby Sir Jibbenstein » 22 Sep 2013 22:41

Where: Grafham Water, Cambridgeshire
Course details: Lake swim, 1 lap bike, 1 lap multi-terrain run
Distance(s): 1500m, 37km, 10km
Marshalling: Plenty where needed
Facilities: Tri shop, café, portaloos, wetsuit wash.
Technical: Chip timing. Deep water start, water station mid run.
Freebies: Tech Tee, Transition towel

So, my final tri of the season (and 16th event of the year) and the one I had been aiming for all season as I saw it as my best prospect of qualifying for the Europeans next year. When things starting going wrong around Dambuster I knew I needed to find a way to get my season back on track, so I enlisted the services of Hussler following Liverpool. The race briefing came out along with a reminder that everyone was to have their wetsuits decontaminated in Milton to remove the invasive shrimp species that have taken over Grafham water. Cue nightmares somewhere between Deadliest Catch, Jaws, and Piranha. A bit more structure to my training and as I was doing my pre-race set yesterday I was feeling pretty good. Rising at a relaxed 6am (my usual wake up time) I had a large pot of yoghurt, loaded the car and headed over with Dad. Set up my racking and paced out swim in/bike out/bike in/run out. As I was stood having the 100th mental walk through of putting my shoes on there was the dreaded pssssssst. The problem was soon isolated to the rear wheel of the bike next to mine. Phew. I went off and let a referee know so the guy could have a chance of fixing it. Wetsuit on I headed down for the race brief and the start, just as the sun emerged from the clouds. We were led into the frigid water and I took up position on the inshore (outside) end, before we were told there were still 3 minutes to go. Then something was muttered about 30s warning only. The organiser started chatting with us. Honk. WTF? Oh, it has started!

I was now in totally the wrong spot having not opted to swim off in those 3 minutes and had to fight my way forwards, then I sighted the first buoy, locked on and picked my way forwards. Things got a little tight at the turn, we rounded and I tried to pick the next buoy, apparently there were 3 right turns and a left, except I could still see 4 buoys! I found my mark and swam straight at it, unlike many others. Passed the mark and locked onto the next, and the next, slowing ticking off the competition. 4th buoy and turn for home. Apparently this was a yellow buoy with a red stripe. All I could see was a 5500°C fireball though. There were people inshore so I edged my way in, only to find the buoy had been on the line I was swimming when the golden orb moved. Finally round the last buoy and I started working my legs a bit harder. The shore closed in, my hands started scrapping the silt, up run, out the water. Wetsuit Velcro, zip cord, pulled right, off the shoulder, right arm out, left arm out, over the timing mat and into T1.

Find the row. Almost turn my ankle over in a mole hole. At my bike. Wetsuit down, stand on it. Step left, step left, hook off, step right, hook off. What now? Glasses on, helmet on, bike and I’m off. Dodging all the holes, bike bouncing about and I’m finally at the tarmac. Mount.

I’d opted for toe covers, and combined with my shoe’s terrible record at remaining open it caused a bit of tough time getting my feet in. Finally getting them in I just kept pushing and pushing. Keeping my cadence in the 90-110 range; boom, boom, boom. Nice little descent, where you drop like a stone, loop the village and head back, nasty little ascent where you climb like a boulder. Past transition and give dad a wave. Foot down at the t junction. Take on my first gel (loving the new Gu Salted Caramel flavour, finally an alternative to the discontinued peanut butter) I’m feeling strong, pushing out a reasonable 20mph average, but people are passing me annoyingly. I catch the odd person, but just ride my own ride. Out to the other turn at the A1. Spot the lead man and take a time/position check. Turn and head back. Through my improvised timing point and I seemed to be about 14 minutes down. Hmm. Better get pushing! Came to a climb and realised that my rear brake was rubbing. Damn. Reached back and loosened it and get an immediate speed boost. Muppet. Pushed on, second gel with 6K to go. Made the final turn, shoes undone, feet out, dismount line.

Run around the potholes to my spot, bike back, helmet off, shoes on, and I’m off. Almost turn my ankle again. I follow the twisty grass section out to the damn, onto tarmac and my legs feel like lead. I plod on, trying not to lose places. Feels like they have nothing in them though and I just can’t catch the guys in front. The turn point comes after about a mile and I head back towards transition. The air is still now and I’m feeling warm. My legs aren’t getting any better either. Off the dam and through the transition area. Grab 2 cups of water, one down my throat, one down my back, now for the off road section of the run. Through the car park, then down through the trees, out onto through Grafham village, and the run seems to be going on forever. Make it stop please. Finally I reach a turn point, and can begin the journey home. I look at my watch and wonder if a sub 2:20 is possible. On the way out of Grafham village, with maybe 2k to go I finally find some of my legs and slowly reel 2 people in. Through the woods and into the car park. 500m to go I tell myself to dig in. I pass another guy, but then one of my overtakes comes past as he finds his finishing legs. Afraid I might have lost mine I don’t look, just dig deep and go for it. Over the line and totally spent. I’m ushered to an appropriate spot to ‘sit’ down in. I’ve done it.

Swim: 24:51
T1: 01:08
Bike: 1:07:08
T2: 0:44
Run 45:35
Total: 2:20:07 (25/43, 113.7% of AG winners time)

I felt pretty positive as I finished this. I went in feeling good, I gave it my all, and I’m not sure I could have done much better except for a few silly mistakes like my rear brake rubbing and a bad swim start. My run was weak (for me), but my run fitness vanished earlier this year. Hopefully I have done enough to get a roll down place for Kitzbuhel next year.
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Re: Attack of the killer Shrimp: Anglian Water 2013

Postby King Sad » 23 Sep 2013 06:01

Well done, 16th event? That is some going. Time for some rest and recuperation to attack next season :D

Did you have a full decontam? :D
It seemed like a good idea at the time :? .

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Re: Attack of the killer Shrimp: Anglian Water 2013

Postby Jimba » 23 Sep 2013 06:46

Great finish to a great season....sit back........relax. :)
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Re: Attack of the killer Shrimp: Anglian Water 2013

Postby Kevy427 » 23 Sep 2013 07:27

Nice one Jibby and fingers crossed for the roll-down :D
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Re: Attack of the killer Shrimp: Anglian Water 2013

Postby Bendy Ben » 23 Sep 2013 08:17

Great finish to a great season....sit back........relax

:lol: :lol:

Jibby - sit down and relax..... That's brilliant - he's not programmed to do that.

Nice work Jibbster..... Now - can you go taste next season ?
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Re: Attack of the killer Shrimp: Anglian Water 2013

Postby Jack Hughes » 23 Sep 2013 08:54

Well done jibbly.

Good work.

Looking forward to seeing you progress next year.
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Re: Attack of the killer Shrimp: Anglian Water 2013

Postby IanM » 23 Sep 2013 10:26

Nicely done Jibby, enjoy a well deserved break.

Any idea when you'll know about the roll down?
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Re: Attack of the killer Shrimp: Anglian Water 2013

Postby Latinobeat » 23 Sep 2013 18:33

Well done and fingers crossed for you Jibby.
I wonder how your 16 events compares with others at your level, that seems an awful lot to me.
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Re: Attack of the killer Shrimp: Anglian Water 2013

Postby jonathon.e » 23 Sep 2013 21:12

Great race, and hopefully a nice qualifier too, well done, now onto Duathlons :D
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Re: Attack of the killer Shrimp: Anglian Water 2013

Postby Sir Jibbenstein » 23 Sep 2013 22:09

Cheers guys. I'm on weeks rest now. Twiddling my thumbs and freeing up some space on the TiVo box....

I was a little shocked when I listed them all last night and found 16 events since the start of March, 11 of which were qualifiers or championships :roll: I suspect there will be fewer on my path to infamy and misfortune next year.

jonathon.e wrote:now onto Duathlons :D

My wings have been clipped before the probable intervention happened, I have to wait a while before my duathlon season begins.
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