highworth sprint tri 2013

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highworth sprint tri 2013

Postby ris » 22 Sep 2013 14:54

Where: highworth, wilts
When: 22.09.13
Organiser: highworth tri
Course details: pool swim, quiet road bike, run round a golf course
Distance: 400 pool swim, 22km slightly technical bike, 5-ish km grass/trail run
Marshalling: plenty, all friendly.
Facilities: swimming pool facilities,
Technical: chip timing
Freebies: goody bag, medal, the admiration of the locals.

highworth has a special place in my heart - it was the first tri i ever did, back in 2008, where i finished with a huge smile on my face despite trying to make a meal of it in every way. i went back in 2009, along with a parade of the great and good of the bcttt-west (didds, combatd, toPh, tritans) and i managed to knock a hefty 11mins off the previous years' time. happy times.

since then it's been an up and down few seasons. 2010 i marshalled at the race, 2011 i was at 3-spires the same day, and last year i have no idea what i was doing. it wasn't highworth, though. after the build-up and inevitable come-down from sweden i hoped i could manage a local sprint to round the year off, and of all the ones near me this was my first choice. luckily there were lots of swindon tri people doing it as well, so plenty of friendly company and rivalry.

the only things worth mentioning before the race were me, and my start time. me - i came down with a stinking cold on the friday afternoon and spent most of saturday in bed drinking lemsip or sleeping. it was touch and go as to whether i'd bother to drive over to the race, but i'd paid for it and i figured i could always bimble round if i started feeling shit.
my start time - 9:05, with the last wave off at 10:35 along with most of the other swindonians that i swim with. now, either i'd accidentally written 8:20 rather than 6:20 for my swim time or the organisers were trying to mix it up a bit. i saw a few other fast swimmer names in the mix around my time and even earlier, so i figured the organisers knew what they were doing.

i got up at 6-ish, had a light breakfast of cereal and lemsip. my sinuses felt heavy and my face ached. bugger it. i got to the registration and racking with about an hour to go from my race start and lined up all my tat on the floor. jack will be delighted to hear there was no loan-bike this time - all moda, all aluminium, all 30mm wheels. with 20mins to go i was happily watching the wave before and drinking my can of sugary-caffeine drink. i noticed that the one fast chap i knew in that lane was in with a breaststroker. ah well - so it goes.

my wave was very similar. i had three chaps, two doing crawl, one breaststroke and me. i was also last off, but by the end of lap 3 was through the line and into my own water. it wasn't quick, it wasn't pretty, there was a bit of traffic and plenty of overtaking, but that's tri and it's not all about me.
jogged out to transition, pretty sure i was first out of the wave, bunged a gel and my garmin into my trisuit pocket, put my socks and lid on and pottered out to the bike.

i like the highworth tri bike route - it is largely flat but with a lumpy section at the highworth end. just enough to make it interesting for a fairly good climber. if i'm honest i've felt a bit down about my cycling since sweden. there was something so painful about being overtaken so frequently, and it was also relatively weak compared to my swim and run. my tri's just don't go that way - the bike is my banker, it's always good. i looked at my time from 2009 - 37:48 on my spesh - and genuinely wasn't sure i could better it.

i was on my own most of the time, apart from a couple of catches from the previous wave. could call it lonely, but it does mean you have to motivate yourself and not rely on the pace of others. i enjoyed it - taking care to avoid watching the clock and instead just keep at a hard but bearable pace. my breathing wasn't easy and my head hurt, but unless i started getting dizzy i figured i was alright. i had a gel at 10miles, figuring that was about 8-9mins from t2.

transition was straightforward enough - although there is a long run from the road, through a lane and over grass, to the racking. lid off, shoes on, hat on, and off. the race director told me i might have missed the mat (?) and took my number to check, i just nodded and set off. i didn't feel great, breathing was still hard and the grass underfoot was a bit damp and heavy. three laps - across, down across and then up a long-ish drag. lap 1 felt grim. lap 2 was better. lap 3 was grim again. i had my garmin but couldn't be arsed to use it - i wasn't going to run any harder. so it goes.

i was happy to finish, any longer and i think i'd have done myself a nasty. i checked with the timers that i'd not missed a mat and they looked confused, checked and said all was fine. goody bag was basic, but the medal is nice, and the camaraderie with the swindonians after was cheery, good-natured banter. having an early wave at least meant i could hang about and cheer on the rest of my swim-club mates. highworth is a really lovely race - lots of different abilities and interests there. looking at the racks made me smile - hybrids, mountain bikes, roadies, tt's, the whole range. it's low-key, fairly cheap and very welcoming. they even have a special prize for the best-placed male and female from the town - a simple thing to do but a lovely touch.

2008: 1:23:22 (68)
(transitions are in there somewhere, probably both in the bike time)

2009: 1:12:06 (25)
7:08 (25)
37:48 (19)
25:07 (30)

2013: 1:06:03 (6)
6:41 (14)
35:43 (7)
22:07 (4)

time for a few weeks rest and then think a bit about 2014.
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Re: highworth sprint tri 2013

Postby King Sad » 22 Sep 2013 16:56

Well done :D - the 'Night Nurse' sounds like it did wonders for you :lol:

Any photos? Was it thong like Jack said or do Swindonians wear mankinis? :lol:

Smashing improvement - well done :D
It seemed like a good idea at the time :? .

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Re: highworth sprint tri 2013

Postby Latinobeat » 22 Sep 2013 17:29

Great effort. Does the lemsip class as performance enhancing? :lol:
Sounds like my kind of race, might have to consider it for next year.
I'd go with the alloys and lose a few pounds!
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Re: highworth sprint tri 2013

Postby Jimba » 23 Sep 2013 08:46

Great result and a big pb too to round the season off, well done.
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Re: highworth sprint tri 2013

Postby Jack Hughes » 23 Sep 2013 08:59

Well done Ris.

2014 Todo list
1) races
2) decide about long vs short.
3) races

You should have a go at some TTs too :)
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Re: highworth sprint tri 2013

Postby ris » 23 Sep 2013 09:59

pretty sure it'll be a scattering of olympic distance next year. i've not done any since north norfolk in 2010 and think it might be interesting to try some again. if i go longer than that it'll probably be one half distance somewhere, but i suspect i won't bother. while i'm keen to return to ironman it'll be 2015 at the earliest.

you are right about the tts, and i think it should be more 25s and 50s i do, and less 10s. the reason being that i do a commute 10 so regularly! i need to rejoin the local cycling club - they are very good on tts.

highworth was really good and i'm glad i did it despite feeling rough. made me feel happier, at any rate.
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Re: highworth sprint tri 2013

Postby IanM » 23 Sep 2013 11:53

Great result Ris - 6 minutes quicker, and with a cold. Not to be sniffled at. :oops: ;)
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Re: highworth sprint tri 2013

Postby jonathon.e » 23 Sep 2013 20:36

Great result, well done :D
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Re: highworth sprint tri 2013

Postby Sir Jibbenstein » 24 Sep 2013 13:08

Great result! Good time under any circumstances, let alone being under the whether. Seems like you are riding the elusive post Ironman fitness wave :D
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Re: highworth sprint tri 2013

Postby Tarka the Nutter » 24 Sep 2013 17:08

Well done hun. Great time. Hope you've started to feel better now.
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