2016 Lincoln Half Marathon

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2016 Lincoln Half Marathon

Postby King Sad » 08 Oct 2016 21:45

Where: Lincolnshire Showground-Lincoln
When: 02 October 2016
Organiser: OSB Events
Course details: Based at Lincolnshire Showground, undulating out and back via Lincoln
Distance: 13.1 miles
Marshalling: Excellent volunteers and marshalls, closed roads.
Facilities: Free parking, toilets, massage, trade stands
Technical: Chip timing (disposable tag)
Freebies: see later

When this was announced thought it would be rather jolly as the first half marathon in Lincoln for 25 years. Entered. Lincoln is flat right? :? ) over 60% of entries were local.

Sort of did some run training between March and July then ramped it up a touch with a 10k and longer 15k - 18k run each week which was hard work, threw in two 21k runs, fastest 2h 02. I enjoy my run route, country lanes, undulating, can be windy. Things seemed to improve over September with my penultimate run before the race being 10.5k with 2.5k of hill repeats. I really enjoyed that run, it was perfect, weather, sunny, not too hot and everything just felt right … and I clocked up my fastest 10k training run time of the year even with the hill repeats Final run, only 5km but felt like I was running through treacle, slower pace than my 18k times

Got my race kit a week or so beforehand, race numbers colour coded by estimated time, aim was sub 2hr reckoned 1.56 - 1.58 so race pace of 5.38 min/km or 9 min/mile was the guideline. Morning of the race rocked up to the showground; calf guards, lycra shorts and tri top, arm sleeves. As it was forecast was a bit chilly but not wanting to get too warm I wore a cut down tech T to keep my arms and shoulders warm ‘cos of my arthritis.

‘Chilled’ with team mates, thanked the pacers, had about six wees (it is no fun being a man of a certain age :oops: ) then called forward to the start pens by coloured race bibs. Quite a long walk to the start line and then off, first 1.5k inside the showground. After a few minutes wanted another wee; decided weeing on the move a bit antisocial amongst a couple of hundred runners so nipped off behind a hedge, lost about a minute, rejoined race. then onto Burton Rd for next 5k.

Km 1 and 2 slow at 5.37, 5.40 out of showground onto Burton road then picked up pace for the next 5k through first feed station (water and Isogels), plan was Isogels at each station and drop a caffeine gel to kick in at key points. Kms 3-7 av 5.27ish nice and easy, weather warming a touch, sleeves off and stuffed in pocket.

Left turn onto Yarborough crescent … wow the crowds :o . Along the crescent and then onto Newport, very slight gradient again cheered on by the crowds slowing to 5.37 for km 8. Through the Roman arch onto Bailgate, left at the White Hart for 100m then right onto Minster yard, taking it steady along the cobbles through Exchequergate onto Castle square, lots of cheering people.

Yours truly in the red Lincoln Tri top

Through the gates into the castle grounds and the feed station (wo)manned by the WI who gave me a Twitter hashtag of #gojohngo :D , bit of weaving through runners deciding to pick up water and gels at the last minute. Wibbly wobbly route through the grounds and out across the drawbridge left turn through the crowds to Carline road, 5.42 for Km 9.

Carline road is a nice descent, many runners easing off and taking it easy whereas I just strode out taking advantage of gravity, onto Yarborough road then route flattened onto West Parade, 5.01 for km 10. Drop down again on Beaumont Fee then onto the quayside of Brayford wharf. More smiley, cheering people and ‘high fived’ some of the girls from the gym :D 5.25 for km 11

As expected km 12 & 13 slowed (5.53 & 5.49) as wibbly wobbly uppy downy, got eardrums blasted out :shock: by a couple of girls at work screaming at me which was very nice :D

Then ‘the hill’, Yarborough hill 52m climb over 1.5k, source of great trepidation for many on the Facebook page, I’m a triathlete - crack on. Had provisioned for 6.30 - 6.45; crowd fantastic, music playing, kept steady pace, fantastic triumphant feeling when I crested and big cheers from crowd. Km 14 at 6.24.

Back onto Burton road back to the showground and immediately kicked up the pace, km 15 & 16 5.38, km 17 5.35, km 18 5.38, km 19 5.32, back into the showground almost there km 20 5.25, final Km - 200m to go and I pass a girl who is just about to stop and give her some encouragement, she picked up then slowed down, I turn around and shout more encouragement - ungrateful thing then picked up her pace and chicked me :ninja: at the line :D haha.

Km 21 5.20

Total 1.56.56

Really enjoyed this race, result was spot on what I had hoped for. Organisation as ever was spot on and the enthusiasm and support from the volunteers and crowd was fantastic.


Goodies (cat not included)

Would I recommend it? Hell yes. If you are coming outside of the area and staying in Lincoln you will need to either cycle the 4 miles there or have a car. No Sunday bus service and private hire were apparently declining bookings although a black cab from the station is about £8.
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It seemed like a good idea at the time :? .

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Re: 2016 Lincoln Half Marathon

Postby Seasider71 » 09 Oct 2016 11:02

Well done John,

Great result, cool runnings....

Strange goodie bag but nice medal which makes up for it.
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Re: 2016 Lincoln Half Marathon

Postby Jimba » 12 Oct 2016 17:55

Top effort KS, for the season, not just this race. I think you have posted more reports than the rest of us combined......probably because you have done more races than the rest of us combined!
Great work, and as ever, just I join your AG.....you leave it. I will take good care of it and pass it on to the next cohort when I am done with it in 5yrs time.
Just as a matter of interest for me, your reports are very detailed, do you remember all that or is it post data review, am particularly thinking of your reports involving bike speeds and course description, for most of mine I haven't got the foggiest idea where I have been or what I did!
I nominate KS for BCTTT SPOTY 2016 :D :D
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Re: 2016 Lincoln Half Marathon

Postby King Sad » 12 Oct 2016 20:06

Thanks Jimba :D I write the reports as they are fresh in my mind and pull the data off my devices :D
It seemed like a good idea at the time :? .

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Re: 2016 Lincoln Half Marathon

Postby jonathon.e » 24 Oct 2016 21:22

+1 for BCTTT SPOTY, what with ten race reports this year, Tri, du, HM, well done cracking race :D
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Re: 2016 Lincoln Half Marathon

Postby Jack Hughes » 31 Oct 2016 07:03

Well done! Great result to round off a great season!
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