2016 Southwell Last Minute Tri

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2016 Southwell Last Minute Tri

Postby King Sad » 25 Sep 2016 20:55

Where: Southwell Leisure Centre
When: 18 September 2016
Organiser: OSB Events
Course details: Based at Southwell leisure centre, pool swim, undulating out and back bike course, undulating 2 lap run
Distance(s): 400m (pool) swim; 17.6 km bike; 5km run
Marshalling: Traffic control at bike exit, marshals in transition, at junctions and at other points along course
Facilities: Leisure centre facilities, free parking, toilets, massage, trade stands
Technical: Chip timing
Freebies: T shirt and some orange glucose tabs.

Confession, no swimming so swim expected to be biz.
Weather was perfect.
Rocked up, registered, said my hellos to everyone at OSB and fellow competitors, racked and went poolside:

Splish splash got out, rather slow trot to T1
10.09 - yeah expected for doing absolutely bugger all, surprisingly about mid way overall.

Slight kerfuffle with glasses and off

Trotted to mount line, off, foot into right shoe … left shoe!! what happened there? Couldn’t get my toes in, the strap and top had not just flattened but gone concave. Kept pedalling to get some speed up as the route starts with a hill climb, kicked up to 16kph then wasted about 10-15 s trying to sort it out and trying to dig it out with my toe started to lose speed rapidly to almost walking pace so kicked off again with left foot on shoe. Tried again but no joy, then shoe caught on road and dropped off … bum … stopped, picked up shoe put it on then kicked off again. Strava shows the whole farce cost 45s whilst stopped on top off the earlier 15s.

Once that unnecessary nonsense was over cracked on.

Actually feeling quite good, got through the rollers no problems, overtook a few, and set myself up for the short drop through Thurgaston hoping to hit 60ish, maird non, only 56.2kph. Similarly the rest of the outward leg to the roundabout felt pretty nice.
Outward leg summary took 17.12 which is about 2mins off my ideal time. Bum
Round the roundabout and back. I was enjoying this too much. Overtook a couple more on the flat before hitting Thurgaston and the first climb onto the rollers. Stuck behind one lad as it narrows a bit because of islands in the road and impatient cars always overtake. Again felt good. Usually snot flying .. but no. Overtook him and on to the rollers. On the return leg these are longish ascents with a short drop before climbing again, each one a higher altitude than the previous. I was surprised at how well this was going … mmm probably just felt better as not thrashing it. First two only maxxed at 45kph into the dips, behind a pair of regular cyslists and caught up with them just before the college. They kindly moved over to allow my charge down the hill maxxing at 56.9kph which was jolly. Up and down the last ripples for the drop into Southwell, hit 53kph then settled at 48kph for the last 700m before right flick to the dismount point. Return leg took 17.04, 1min off my PB time.
34.46, about 2 1/2 mins off PB. Just outside top third in bike overall.

Dismount, run in, shoes off, shoes on and off

Ran up hill, along flat bit turned around ran back on the flat bitinto the finish chute, ran downhill turned around - repeated and then down the finish chute. Nothing spectacular but again about midpoint overall.
22.48, 1min off my PB.

1.09.48, pretty pants and 3mins off PB. Bum.
142/369 finishers
10/23 in AG

As far as results, times etc. Disappointing, expected, not all that bad considering … but a good start for preparation for next year. The big 60 … I am having a hard time trying to take that in, I don’t feel old, do I need to sign up for a course on being old? Ah well, new AG.
So that’s it folks, last tri report of the year. Mixed bag, mainly disappointment but some satisfaction gained from losing so much time pre-season.
Onwards and upwards
It seemed like a good idea at the time :? .

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Re: 2016 Southwell Last Minute Tri

Postby Seasider71 » 26 Sep 2016 06:43

Well done John, only to be expected after a full seasons racing. Will be interesting to see how many of your rivials in AG step up with you next season.
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Re: 2016 Southwell Last Minute Tri

Postby ris » 26 Sep 2016 14:52

baby of the next ag... got to be good. despite you not 'feeling it' on the day, you still got out the door and had a good go, and hopefully had a little smile at the end. good work, i hope you feel like there was a season in there somewhere :D
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Re: 2016 Southwell Last Minute Tri

Postby King Sad » 06 Oct 2016 06:29

Thank you. Yes despite my niggles I did enjoy all my races, there were no surprises when things were not as I would want but I enjoyed them and didn't get injured and now feeling in a good place ready to take on season 2017 :D
It seemed like a good idea at the time :? .

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