2016 Bassetlaw Sprint

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2016 Bassetlaw Sprint

Postby King Sad » 21 Aug 2016 18:51

Where: Worksop Leisure Centre and environs
When: 07 August 2016
Organiser: Bassetlaw Triathlon Club
Course details: pool swim, undulating bike course, undulating run
Distance(s): 400m swim; 21.6 km bike; 5 km run
Marshalling: Excellent!! Partial road closure and traffic control. Lots of very friendly, smiley volunteers
Facilities: free parking, toilets, massage
Technical: Chip timing.
Freebies: The club took cracking high quality pics that were available on Flickr :D

So been trying to write this for a while now but with the Olympics makes my efforts seem pretty feeble but hey ho ..
After Holkham realised nothing doing for some time until September did a search (I was going to enter this last year as it was a club organised event with a good reputation) checked the site, fitted in with calendar, click, entered. Messaged a friend who in turn messaged a few others and hey presto we had half a dozen or so from Lincoln Tri fielded :D

Rocked up, had trouble getting parked but registered and to Transition “OK I think you are on row 3 … my number was just under, on rack 2, no biggy, racked and poolside in double quick time. Weather was bright, not too hot but a tad windy, can’t have everything.

SWIM 400m
Into the pool, 3, 2, 1 … you know the drill. Splish, splash, no dramas, slow cos I just haven’t done any swimming of note this year. Got out, trotted, trotted, trotted … to T1
Time 9.33, 102/212 finishers

Caught up with the faster swimmers in my wave in T1 and off before them … trotted to bike out … blocked. My mistake, didn’t do a proper recce as I was late, back tracked and the others were catching up on me. What a silly boy
1.21 - prat! :oops:

Bit of a twisty route to the mount point but nothing mega. Mounted, off, feet into shoes, strapped up and off. Well marshalled at the first left turn and indeed throughout the whole course (the road outside the centre had traffic control), up the first smallish climb about 5%, left and onto the main route.
First 2k were slight uppy downy leaving Worksop for pretty much open roads, no more than 1-2% ascent, Av 31kph Max 40.7kph, cadence 78.
2-5K had some more uppy downy bits, uppy max 6%, downy -13%; Av 37.1kph Max 55.1kph, cadence 79. It was at this point I realised I had missed a velcro securing tab off my BTA bottle which was on a mission to head south so just held the drink tube in my hand and flipped up for a sup - problem solved.
5-10k, more slight uppy downy with the start at 9.5k of a gradual climb to 12k; Av 31.1kph Max 42.8kph, cadence 77.
10-12k, was a 31m ascent with a couple of short 7, 8 and 9% thrown in; Av 22.8kph Max 29.2kph Cadence 80.
13-15k, was generally flattish/downy but a couple of short 4% in for the mix and also felt quite breezy and included a compulsory foot down at a junction, 10m descent overall. Av 29.6kph Max 37.8kph Cadence 73.
15-20k, as before, flattish/downy but a couple of short 5s and a 7% climbs, 8m descent overall. Av 33.1kph Max 44.3kph Cadence 75.
20-21.6k, staring with a 4% ascent then gradual 1-2% descent through the outskirts of Worksop, turning into the centre and dismount.
Overall an interesting course, Strava had an overall climb of 77m, no stand out of seat and climb bits and no long descents, sort of short and sharp. Overtook a few, no real dicing, got overtaken a couple of times but quite enjoyed it.

(OK, the tat was put on by an app... don't think it is quite me)

21.6k, 30.9kph Av 55.1kph Max
Time 42.49, 59/212 finishers

Dismounted, ran to T2, straight to rack 3 … where’s my slot … doh … no, rack 2 … rookie mistake. Ran back to rack 2, sorted bike out, run shoes and cap on and off.
1.25, double prat! :oops: :roll:

Right out of centre, right again, sharp climb to Gateford Road for about 800m then right, short drop, towards the Valley road going back to the centre, for the second lap which cuts through the centre, climbing up Balk lane to rejoin Gateford road and back along the same route to the finish. I thought it was me but the others remarked it was like one of those optical illusions where stairs go round in a circle and always seem to climb - the ‘drop’ seemed nowhere like the climb.
25.19, again 102 out of 212 finishers

80/212 finishers (2 subsequently DQd for failing to foot down)
A good day at the office; well the swim and run not as good as it could have been and as for T1 AND T2 - prat!

If you are in the area an event well worth entering :D Well organised and well conducted by the club :D
It seemed like a good idea at the time :? .

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Re: 2016 Bassetlaw Sprint

Postby Worrying Will » 28 Aug 2016 21:44

Another cracker . Well done

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Re: 2016 Bassetlaw Sprint

Postby Jack Hughes » 20 Sep 2016 10:38

Well done!
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