Woodhall Spa Sprint triathlon 2016

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Woodhall Spa Sprint triathlon 2016

Postby King Sad » 29 Jun 2016 10:03

Where: Woodhall Spa, Lincolnshire
When: 26/06/2016
Organiser: One Step Beyond
Course details: Pool swim. Rural bike, paved run
Distance(s): 400m (heated) lido swim, 24k bike, 5k run
Marshalling: Plenty and happy, excellent traffic control.
Facilities: Camping/caravan pitches, changing facilities, showers, toilets, post race massage
Technical: Chip timing,
Freebies: T shirt

Woodhall is a very pleasant little town, if you stripped away modern cars and replaced them with ones from the 30s, 40s or 50s they would not look out of place. I have raced here nine times before and this is my surprise surprise tenth.
Weather forecast was fairly good, sun/cloudy, light wind.
Registered, racked and made my way to the pool, team mates remarking on my (yet again) haemorhaged eye.

SWIM - 400m
33m heated pool, 12 lengths. Splish sploshed up amd down, swimmer on the wrong side swam into me, didn't get punched in the face this time, got stuck behind a breast stroker for last 2 lengths. Got out ... that's it.
9.09 faster than last year, Av top 3 in AG 7.00

No dramas
1.11, Av top 3 in AG 0.55

Bike - 24k
Out to the mount point, looked down the elastic on my right shoe had come adrift so a bit of faffing about to get my foot in. Set off, strap on my left shoe had come adrift so faffed about with that but all sorted within 100m then sharp right onto the circuit proper, ping, front brake went ... ha ha, going to be interesting.
Didn't see a lot of people on the course so apart from chasing down the odd one or two and being passed at the 3/4 mark it was a pure TT.
1st 2k getting into the stride of things and feeling very happy 29.5kph av 40kph max then sharp right. Next 2k steady v gradual climb 1% ? 30.5kph av, 37kph max, then left turn. Next 2.5k really enjoying it slight uppy downy 33.8kph av, 45.7 max.
Next 4kish v gradual climb 1%, couple of sharp lefts and rights, 29.2kph av 37.1kph max, then next major left.
Next 6kish wibbly wobbly with a number of sharpish lefts and rights. 34.9kph av, 47.9kph max
Next 3kish was fairly straight but now catching the wind as fairly exposed and felt a slight twinge in right calf so eased off a touch and went for a higher cadence, 31.5kph av 40kph max
Last 3kish or so two straightish bits with a wibbly wobbly bit in the middle. Kept eased off but enjoying it, 32.8kph 40kph av. The last k is great fun, a long straight then the sharp right flick to the dismount.
46.27, 2.01 slower than my PB but my 3rd fastest time so not all bad. Av top 3 in AG 41.30


Run - 5k
This felt quite good, got overtaken by a a couple of young lads, trotted round, picked off a few and then into the chute, all done.
23.24, 49s slower than last year. Av top 3 in AG 19.17

1.21.12, 1.30 slower than my PB. Av top 3 in AG 1.09
10/41 in AG, 192/682 overall
Not a stunning result but satisfactory. I enjoyed it :D

It seemed like a good idea at the time :? .

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Re: Woodhall Spa Sprint triathlon 2016

Postby Jack Hughes » 29 Jun 2016 10:07

Well done, and still smiling :D
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