2016 Outlaw Half

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2016 Outlaw Half

Postby King Sad » 01 Jun 2016 15:43

Where: Holme Pierrpont and environs
When: 29 May 2016
Organiser: One Step Beyond
Course details: Based at Holme Pierrpont, regatta lake swim, undulating out and back bike course, undulating 2 lap run
Distance(s): 1.9km swim; 90 km bike; 21 km run
Marshalling: Excellent!! Road closures, partial road closures and traffic control. Lots of very friendly, smiley volunteers,
Facilities: Water sports centre facilities, free parking, toilets, massage, trade stands
Technical: Chip timing, live tracker, live commentary feed.
Freebies: Technical Polo shirt, big heavy medal

Five weeks before I was almost going to withdraw, had a crisis of confidence, had a 'turn' at work which necessitated a lie down for an hour at work in the 'sick room'. GP cleared me for training and my loony chum, Lucy, talked me out of withdrawing and suggested taking it easy and if not feeling right to withdraw during the race.

Decided pre-race a finish was the goal and hang the time. AGs were mixed up a touch and I was in first wave of about 350, ooerr. I expected to be one of slowest swimmers and although I might catch up a few on the bike resigned myself to a constant stream of the younger AGs zipping past, ah well.
Kept an eye on the forecast, weather was fairly neutral, light cloud, no rain, wind 10-12mph but chilly 9-13 C during the bike 13-14 during the run. Decided on a short sleeve compression top under my tri top, good move, Runderwear nix and 2Toms Buttshield.


Race day
Driving to HP, confidence increasing. Parked up, racked up, suited up.


Because of Blue Algae the route was changed slightly with the swim start and exit in front of the grandstand.
Off. Plan was to take it easy, kept out of trouble, nice and relaxed, felt good but took it too easy but not last and no oxygen debt and felt pretty good.
45:12, pretty rubbish but hey still in the game.

150m trot down to T1, volunteers fantastic, running alongside helping to unzip as were fellow competitors. Suit off, no dizziness, bike shorts on, cycle top and sleeves on (didn't want to get cold), belt on, socks on, specs on, shoes on, slice of bread and Marmite down neck, helmet on, adjusted visor and fit and off.
7:00 not slowest, not fastest but prepped for the chilly 90k ride

Plan was to take it nice and steady, aim to finish. Trot to start line and off. Along the perimeter road and already starting to overtake riders, out onto Abolton lae, nice cheer from supporters at the exit. Out onto the A52, inside lane closed for riders to Radcliffe on Trent. Ride going very smooth, first 11k cadence steady at 75rpm 31.7kph av.

Next 7k through Radcliffe on Trent then uppy downy to the Saxondale roundabout 28.4kph av, max 45.7kph.
Flattish then drop to cross the Trent (had to brake into the drop due to a turning horsebox blocking the road) followed by gradual climb to the Oxton roundabout. 12k saw decreasing 66rpm cadence and av 28.8kph max 49kph.
30k done in 1.01.19

Through the roundabout to the start of the Oxton bank climb for the next 4k; decreasing cadence 63rpm, 18.9kph av, 33.5
kph max. Crested the bank and immediately filled my BTA bottle prior to the feed station then the 7k drop to Southwell. An active descent, I love this bit. Picked up a few more; 68rpm av, 38.9kph av, 51.0kph max. Into Southwell was fun, quite a few people watching and overheard a family saying 'they're going at a fair pace' 43kph av, 51.8kph max through Southwell.

Right flick onto the road to the Lowdham roundabout. This is the outbound leg (and a bit) of the Southwell triathlon; 9k - 31.8kph av. 60.8kph max in 16m 20s.

Hit the Lowdham roundabout, over halfway, 50k down, enjoying this, no stress, picking off more; fears of nobody to chase unfounded, having fun.

Next 30k is the Southern loop; steady 66rpm, 28.8kph av, 43.9kph max. As ever a great reception through Car Colston and a wave of appreciation as I passed through and stepped it up to 37kph. Mainly flattish or so, some slight uppy downy. Some hairy riding through the third feed station, one rider tried squeezing through on my right without warning with barely a bike width to get through.

Last roundabout before the last 11k. White van tried to undertake me on the roundabout and shortly after an Astra got shirty with a gaggle in front, to be honest they were prats riding 3 abreast with no regard to road safety.

Onto the Shelford road, always the tiring bit for me, road surface not clever, uppy downy into Radcliffe. Av 29.1kph max 40.1kph 63rpm

Through Radcliffe, some encouragement from church goers and then onto the crunchiest slowest part of the course Holme Lane. Av 25.9kph 30.8kph max 63rpm. Passing past Holme Pierrpont Hall decided then would be as good a point as any to have a wee. Caught up with a gaggle as I rejoined Abolton lane seemingly on a Sunday ride, passed them for the final 1km. Cadence upped to 71rpm to ease off the legs 32kph av, 34.6kph max, nice support from supporters, right flick into HP centre, another nice cheer from supporters in the centre, final right flick, left foot out, didn't quite get the right foot out for the dismount.
Dismounted and trotted into T2.

Although stated as 90k my GPS has always recorded 91.1k :D

Botty feeling good, happy boy :D , thumbs up to 2Toms.
3.10.56 Very pleased with that, precious little bike work in 8 months, intent to take it easy and job done 2 minutes off my PB.

Racked bike, helmet off, shorts and socks off, run shorts, socks and shoes on, another Marmite butty and off.

Again intent was to finish without breaking. I reckoned a 6.30/km pace would be nice. Right from start this was not comfortable and legs only felt decent at a sub 6 pace, thought why the hell not and first 6k kept at this pace. Lost almost 2 minutes having a wee, afterwards chided myself, could have completed the swim/bike/run wee fest. Support was great, volunteers at the feed stations fantastic.

Naturally I couldn't keep that pace up so adopted a more realistic one averaging about 6.20. Final corner on the perimeter road and final straight lay in front to the finish. I was feeling bloody fantastic and dug in, the last 1k at 6.06 pace onto the carpet in the chute, took my cap off for a wave to the crowd and get my last bit to the tape.
2.11.55 a PB for the run ... very happy boy

6.18.32 Not fantastic but just off my course PB and more than satisfied considering I was not confident about completing five weeks before.
773/1105, 18/28 in AG. I'm 60 next year, bugger, would have got 4th spot :D

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Re: 2016 Outlaw Half

Postby IanM » 01 Jun 2016 17:22

Great work, especially as you were thinking about withdrawing!

Marmite sandwich in T1 is a bit random though!
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Re: 2016 Outlaw Half

Postby Seasider71 » 02 Jun 2016 07:34

Well Done John, so aim is for a podium next year then. :D
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Re: 2016 Outlaw Half

Postby Worrying Will » 02 Jun 2016 21:27

Another cracker

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Re: 2016 Outlaw Half

Postby King Sad » 02 Jun 2016 21:38

Thanks chaps. I like a quick chomp on a Marmite butty in T1 & T2 as palette just gets overloaded with all the sweet stuff.

Don't know about a podium as the times for the 60-64 were not far short of those for younger groups. Although I do like to get in a good time, realistically this year I am aiming to cross the start and finish lines without breaking. Fingers crossed, so far that has been the case and I have been enjoying it as well.

2017 is a year for which I will be making a special effort, 60, bloody hell!

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Re: 2016 Outlaw Half

Postby Jimba » 05 Jun 2016 15:57

Well done KS, another consistent and good result.
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Re: 2016 Outlaw Half

Postby Jack Hughes » 07 Jun 2016 08:04

Thought I'd replied to this! Too many race reports in one go ;)

Well done again for this one!
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Re: 2016 Outlaw Half

Postby King Sad » 10 Jun 2016 22:35

What I was surprised by / pleased about was that I beat a member of each of the three armed forces teams including a Royal Marine so got to be happy with that :-)

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