2016 Lincoln Sprint

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2016 Lincoln Sprint

Postby King Sad » 30 May 2016 16:46

Where: David Lloyd, Burton Waters, Lincoln
When: 1 May
Organiser: OSB Events (formerly One Step Beyond)
Distance(s): 400m pool swim, stated as 22k bike but it is actually 24k, 5k run
Marshalling: Plenty, very friendly. Traffic control
Facilities: Use of the David Lloyd club facilities, showers, changing rooms
Freebies: Technical tee

Jonathan.E wrote
Getting old sucks, you only remember to do the race report when you are in the middle of doing the next race

Err yes. Just reminded me ... seem to be constantly tired these days but gradually starting to ramp things up, pleased with my running, enjoying that.

Ten years ago I did my first triathlon at the inaugural Lincoln, Burton Waters Sprint on my £60 steel Halfords, knobbly tyred MTB. I could never have believed then where it would take me and how it has transformed my life,

Weather was OK, not too cold, windy or rainy so for for Bank Holiday weekend not bad at all.

Rocked up, registered and racked.

Had a chat with a few team mates and then poolside.

As you may know I do comparisons with an average of the first three in my AG.

I am a rubbish swimmer, I don’t have the upper body strength and with both shoulders arthritic at times I can’t hold a bag of sugar in one hand. All this compounded with an almost 6 month layoff ... Just not going to happen. A chum of mine who was just qualified as a doc informed me that I probably lost 10-15% of my muscle mass during the decade of my 50s but not to worry it will now start to taper off at only 1% year, thanks, that really cheered me up.

Splashed up and down 16 times, got out.
9.35, I know ...average of podiums 8.09, quite a strong showing this year as averages tend to be about the 8.15-8.20ish mark. Surprisingly about midway all ages


Bike – Out of T1, across the roundabout (traffic controlled), first 2.5k flattish and then the climb through Burton Village. A 40m climb with 26m over the last 300m through the village. Onto the top, left through the next traffic control for 3.5K. 

Hit the RAF Scampton Viewpoint, then the short drop for the run to Sturton along the Roman road.for the next 6.5k.

Left onto the road to Saxilby for the next 5k or so and then left onto the A57 fwhich was closed to Eastbound traffic for the race.

Any more than that I can’t say as my Garmin packed in again! I definitely do work better with feedback so was missing my techno buzz.
47.56 I enjoyed it, just slow. Average podiums 43.11
8th fastest in AG, top third all ages.


Again really enjoyed this. Nice steady pace, felt good. On the turn around for the last 1k or so had it in my mind to pull in a few runners in front which I gradually did leaving one one young lad in front (actually he was probably 40, but it’s all relative). The run route at the end takes a sharp 120 deg left hand turn down a grassy slope to the finish. I caught him just at the turn and neck and neck as we started down the bank. I knew what was going to happen as soon as went to overtake, my feet slid away from underneath me and came crashing down. Up and back for the finish line.

24.06 a PB for this course so happy boy.
Average podiums 20.32 In top third of run times.

Overall: 1.23.20. 7th in AG, in top 3rd all AG

Not brilliant, I enjoyed it. Need work.
It seemed like a good idea at the time :? .

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Re: 2016 Lincoln Sprint

Postby Jack Hughes » 31 May 2016 06:55

Well done!

What I really find inspiring though, is your season on season consistency - always getting the races in, despite injury worries etc. etc.

I don't want to rub the age thing in, but what you do is a pretty good inspiration for those following (too closely) on your heels down the corridor of time.

Thanks for posting the report :D
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Re: 2016 Lincoln Sprint

Postby King Sad » 01 Jun 2016 15:13

Thank you Jack, very kind of you.
It seemed like a good idea at the time :? .

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