Weymouth Half 2015

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Re: Weymouth Half 2015

Postby Sir Jibbenstein » 16 Sep 2015 07:28

Cheers all. Still pleased with how it went and as you say Bopo, raced with my head. At this distance it really helps (and works), and the power meter was actually invaluable in that respect.

JH, distance wise sprint or maybe HIM. One hurts a lot for just a short amount of time, the other doesn't really hurt until the last hour (when done to plan)

Bopomofo wrote:
CCS wrote:What's on the agenda for next season then?

My guess is he spends next season lulling his newly acquired WAT Officer into a false sense of normalcy and well-being, before she realises in 2017 that she is now a tri-widow and would be better off buying a dog for all the companionship she'll get at weekends. Only she can't afford a dog because hubby has spent all the money on race entry fees and carbon-fibre compression wheel-rim conflating food supplements, or something.

Just putting that out there

Good luck, Jibbs! ;) :D

Bopo kind of hit the nail on the head, but then he does have some insider knowledge. Plan is to ride the Pyrenees as part 2 of honeymoon, so a lot of cycling forecast. Maybe a return to HIM in 2017...

Oh, and it's not getting a dog, its more [5 year old voice] I want a puppy [\5 year old voice]...
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Re: Weymouth Half 2015

Postby birdyman » 16 Sep 2015 09:58

Great report, and what a great time. Well done.
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Re: Weymouth Half 2015

Postby SickBoy » 16 Sep 2015 22:54

Great times Jibby, well done. Aiming for under 5 hours one day?

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Re: Weymouth Half 2015

Postby gingertri » 04 Oct 2015 22:03

great read and awesome time mate!
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