Kimbolton half marathon 16.8.15

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Kimbolton half marathon 16.8.15

Postby Jimba » 17 Aug 2015 18:18

Where: kimbolton, Cambs
When: Sunday 16.8.15
Organiser: Nicetri events
Course: circular route, roads except for finish chute
Marshalling: great
Freebies: medal and technical t

So, first standalone hm for 9 years or so. Previous pb was 1.39. Did a 10miler about 3 weeks ago in 1.10ish, which suggested a time for hm of 1.33.

Perfect conditions, not hot or cold, not windy, no rain. The course is not pan flat, there are a couple of minor hills. (80m of climbing)

2 gels before I start and carry one to have half way round. I have a hankering for a sub-1.30 which means a 6.52 pace all the way round. I start near the front, about 40 back and we’re off. First mile lots of settling down and then out into the country. Pace is pretty good and for the first five miles I am on target. 6.51, 6.44, 6.51, 6.45, 6.52. Whilst its not a hill, there has been a slight uphill gradient all the way and I am wondering whether I have gone out too fast, feeling quite tired, then hit the steepest part during mile 6, split is 7.15. Going backwards a bit as a few people are going past me. Aid station approaching and decide to have my gel and a small drink there, mile 7 is 7.18 but there is 3 miles of flat/downhill coming so hoping to claw time back. 6.45, 6.59, 7.03. 1.30 is now off the table so aiming for under 7min mile average instead. Quite noticeable that at 10miles the wheels are wobbling a bit, not fallen off but precarious. Pain in my right foot (chose race shoes for weight reasons and suffering a bit as a result) and the pace is up and down. At 18k hit the last hill, not big but at that stage in the race it feels it – guy in front walking up it. Next two miles 7.30 and 7.53 this is partly due to the gradient and partly due to being on empty. One mile left so over the brow of the hill and pushed on. 6.51 for last mile.

Time 1.31.42, 70/582, 7/47 ag, WAVA 72.9% (about 40th overall for that).

Overall very pleased. My training doesn’t go past 10k so not surprising that form/pace deteriorated towards the end.

Great event, well organised as usual for Nicetri events.
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Re: Kimbolton half marathon 16.8.15

Postby Jack Hughes » 17 Aug 2015 18:32

Excellent. That should put you about top 400 in the country on the run britain rankings site for your age group.
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Re: Kimbolton half marathon 16.8.15

Postby ris » 17 Aug 2015 18:57

smashing job, well done jimba. when the wheels come off there isn't much you can do about it, and you did a smashing job over that last mile!
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Re: Kimbolton half marathon 16.8.15

Postby Worrying Will » 17 Aug 2015 22:32

Cracking, well done
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Re: Kimbolton half marathon 16.8.15

Postby Big_Show » 18 Aug 2015 04:03

Great run, well done!
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Re: Kimbolton half marathon 16.8.15

Postby jonathon.e » 18 Aug 2015 12:46

Great running, well done :D
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