Hell of worth 2015, no paddies just a tumble

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Hell of worth 2015, no paddies just a tumble

Postby Worrying Will » 30 Mar 2015 21:48

Where: http://thehelloftheworth.blogspot.co.uk/
When: 8 March 15
Organiser: Jack Hughes Enterprise
Course details: Slightly Hilly cobble classic
Distance(s): 75km, 2200m of climb
Marshalling: very good
Facilities: on the road
Technical: Strava
Freebies: Pork Pie, Mushy Peas and Mint Sauce

My Race:

This year was going to be different. Due to weather/work and moving i hadn't dont my homework like last year so it was going to be fun. I had spent most of the week doubting whether is should turn up. Drove the 7 hr down on Friday arrived in beautiful sunshine, just a bit windy. Quick bike shack down and a swim.

The Big Day
Got up and had breakfast looked out the window and saw the weather front move in. It was that bad i drove the car from the back carpark to the front. The car was moving quite well on its own so I knew we were in for some fun. Got out and chatted to jack while we waited for Ian M to actually move from the car. And headed off out as usual up of the 1st climb, which after a 3rd rides isnt actually that steep. down the other side where I was gripping and breaking for dear life, this was not looking good for the rest of the ride. as usual I took my place at the back being grumpy and misradble. As we passed shibdenn wall i lost the group for the 1st time as they descended like mad men. Turned up hough lane. This was an easy climb compare to the rest just tap my way up feeing grumpy but climbing ok. Then it turned, after a quick stop at the shop we had a steep decent to shibden. I spent the whole time on my brakes and holding on causing pain down both arms, so at the base of shibden I was knackered. Started the climb as usual ticking it over. Turned the corner carrying on being grumpy saw jack and decided I would stop and say hello rather than carry on. No idea why i ddid that so fail number on.

Trooper lane again at the back, glasses were steaming up so but them in my helmet started the 1st steep bit at the junction lost my glassed so parked the bike up and walked back to get them. Then started to climb again was doing well until i had a will moment, where i wondered why i was here stop got off and pushed the bike. As we head through halifax it started to dry up and my mood was getting slightly better. Arrived at Gibb lane. This was going to be a tough one, with jack saying you can get up this one, so off we went, tapping out a rytham and not struggling to much and then for so unknown reason i just decided to bail. Pushed the bike for a bit then got back on. Got to the top where we were due a nasty decent. while the rest were gas bagging i went as i knew i would be last and what a surpisre i was.

Time for old lane. last year i ditched this one so tried this year, I was doing well keeping the rocking Mr manders just in front, then we had a wobble which put me off causing my bike to have a tumblehttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jAQMvO0dnqo. Got and pushed again. My mood was getting better by now. Of to haworth where i went ahead for a loo stop then lost everyone. I couldnt see the people for the bikes. also want expecting Ian m to stop mid climb for a pie or 2. Finally found them and then realised I had hardly any brakes left which really helped with my descending fear. On the next big descent they got away but in my head i thought all was good i would catch them at the top of goose eye, so as I past jack waving at me i though odd but he must be taking photos so climb the 20% graident to the top where i then saw the team on the other side of the valley. I made an informed dession that i would meet them at hainworth lane however communicating this to them was hard as I had no numbers on me. we meet at hainworth and climb that one with realtive ease just ticked it over, and we head off home.

It was another great episode, As usual I was grumpy and this year particular bad at mind of matter issues. But sat in the pub having a good chat always brings the day back to a good one.

I strongley recommend that you come and ride this. Its not about the climbs or the distance, its the bit you dont see that is so good. Listening to Ian/jack/Ewan talk about training zones,power. Discussing teechinques for TT, Marathon running, training ideas. Thats what you get from the day unless you are like me and miss it all as I am at the back in a grump.
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Re: Hell of worth 2015, no paddies just a tumble

Postby IanM » 30 Mar 2015 23:12

2 pies?! One pasty and a cake, I'll have you know! Was great to catch up, here's to a late summer edition and you switching off your brain and going for it :)
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Re: Hell of worth 2015, no paddies just a tumble

Postby Big_Show » 31 Mar 2015 07:39

Looks like a good day out. So many of your race reports do seem to end up as "I was having no real problems so I decided to invent some..." :lol:
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Re: Hell of worth 2015, no paddies just a tumble

Postby kfjatek » 31 Mar 2015 11:01

Now come on - that tumble was on purpose wasn't it! You can't have chosen a better spot :-)

Well done Will - it's a tough one every year it seems; I'll have to do it at some point...

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Re: Hell of worth 2015, no paddies just a tumble

Postby SickBoy » 31 Mar 2015 11:10

I bet secretly you really enjoyed it and are now just playing the role of Will ;) Well done!

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Re: Hell of worth 2015, no paddies just a tumble

Postby Sir Jibbenstein » 03 Apr 2015 18:06

Well done Will. Surely you are used to weather now you are in training to become a hardened Scot? Sounds like you had a better ride than last year. Well done!
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Re: Hell of worth 2015, no paddies just a tumble

Postby King Sad » 04 Apr 2015 21:42

Well done every one of you - you deserved the pie :D
It seemed like a good idea at the time :? .

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