The Gym Bunny's Rocky Road to Awesomeness

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Re: The Gym Bunny's Rocky Road to Awesomeness

Postby treefrog » 18 Mar 2012 22:41

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Re: The Gym Bunny's Rocky Road to Awesomeness

Postby Two-Stroke Tart » 22 Mar 2012 16:25

May have aggrevated my knee again. Gymnastics on Tuesday was mainly vault and trampette, both of which require a hard sprint to the equipment so you can launch yourself off the floor or springboard hard enough to get you over/onto the equipment. With hindsight the sprinting bit maybe wasn't the best idea :roll: It didn't hurt at the time but yesterday it was achy and starting to seize up if I sat for any length of time, so I abandoned the idea of a run and did a 30 minute easy turbo instead. It's not been so bad today but it's not right still. I'm seeing the sports therapist tonight so will find out if I've been stupid and set myself back a bit. I also think I may have been being a tad over enthusiastic with my rehab exercises so I need to speak to her about those too. They are definitely working though and I could feel the difference in my leg strength in the Strength & Conditioning routine on Tuesday.

Really looking forward to the Sport Relief Mile on Sunday, they have loads of stuff laid on in Norwich and I shall be all decked out in my Sport Relief t-shirt and socks :D Whether I can run it all remains to be seen, but I'm sure as hell gonna have fun and that's what it's all about :D

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