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SickBoy's Training Log - All killer no filler.

PostPosted: 30 Sep 2011 11:02
by SickBoy
I've decided to start a training log to chart my "progress"

Goals for 2012:
1) HIM - Ideally the Henley-half (if it's on again) as I'm still eyeing up Challenge Henley for 2013/14 :?
2) Standard dist goal of 2:30 :shock:
3) Improve bike performance as this lags behind swim&run :oops:

My rough weekly training schedule is as follows:
M - Lunchtime swim - max 25 mins
T - Lunchtime run - max 35 mins
W - Lunchtime swim - Evening Turbo - 60-90mins, sometimes a brick
T - Lunchtime run - max 35 mins
F - Lunchtime swim - max 45 mins
S - Rest
S - Ride 60-90 mins, sometimes a brick

I'm planning to increase running and cycling volume and to introduce another evening bike session, perhaps on Friday night
I want to introduce more structure to my riding and potentially start to get out with the local club on Sat for some longer group rides

I'm open to any advice etc!

This week so far:
Mon 26.09.11 - Swim - 1.25k steady
Tue 27.09.11 - Run - approx 6.5k off road - threshold - 27:37
Wed 28.09.11 - Swim - 1.25k steady
Wed 28.09.11 - Bike - Turbo - 1hr - 95-100rpm - avg HR approx 145 bpm (Z2ish) - 18.2 miles
Thu 29.09.11 - Run - 30 min steady run off road, probably just over 5k

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PostPosted: 30 Sep 2011 12:22
by Jack Hughes
Do some TTs. Best thing for bike performance.

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PostPosted: 05 Oct 2011 14:33
by SickBoy
Sun 02.10.11 - Bike - 18.7 miles - 18mph avg. 1:02:07
Mon 03.10.11 - swim - 1.25k - 21:23 ish
Tue - Sick :(
Wed - Sick :(

Come down with sore throat / cold, slightly better but postponing training until maybe Thurs evening for a bike session.
Away for a long weekend this weekend so not the best start to training diary...

Got myself on Endomondo though I'm too poor to have a flash phone so I'm just adding data by hand - seems quite cool for logging stuff though.

Planning to do the CTS field test from time crunched cylcist in a week or two to get a better idea of HR zones and get some sort of benchmark down.
May look into TTs at some point

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PostPosted: 21 Oct 2011 15:32
by SickBoy
So finally getting over the cold from hell, after 10 days no training I got bored of waiting to get better and just carried on, another week and still not 100% but doesn'ts seem to be affecting me too badly anymore

Thu 13.10.11 - Bike - Turbo - 1hr - 17.7 miles - 95rpm avg - HR 140-150 (Z2)
Fri 14.10.11 - swim - 1k - 17mins (pool clock) + 3x100m warmdown
Sun 16.10.11 - Bike - 18.7 miles - 18mph avg - 1:02:01

Mon 17.10.11 - Swim - 400m - 6:31 + drills (inspired by the 30mins lunchtime sets)
I don't normall do drills, mainly because I don't know if I'm doing them right but I think I'm going to try and incorporate some more technical stuff
2x left arm/right arm/catch-up/full, 250m fc w/pullbuoy, 2 x 25m kick, 2 x 50m sprint (40secs), 100m wd - Total 1k

Tue 18.10.11 - Run - 6.5km (approx) 31:05 - steady, off-road
Wed 19.10.11 - Swim - 1km - 16:56 + 2x100m warmdown
Wed 19.10.11 - Bike - Turbo - 1hr in Z2 (avg hr 147) - 18.8miles, 90-100rpm + quick warmup/down
Thu 20.10.11 - Run - 30:32, as Tues 18
Fri 21.10.11 - Swim - 1.5k - 26:16 + 100m wd

Basically got though a fairly standard week for me, looking to increase the distance a little on my Sunday ride this weekend.
Need to convert Tues lunch run to Tues am run for a longer run but it looks cold and dark out there at the moment... :(

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PostPosted: 28 Oct 2011 15:26
by SickBoy
Friday Update:

Sun 23.10.11 - Bike - 22.8 miles, 1:22:05, avg hr - 160, max-182, avg spd. 16.6mph
Insanely windy out last Sunday, at one point I think I was doing about 14mph going downhill :shock:
First time I've worn my HRM out on a Sunday ride, noticably higher HR than I expected, if I get out this weekend and it's less windy I'd expect it to be lower.

Mon 24.10.11 - Swim - 1k - 17:29 + 2x25m kick + 50m crawl warmdown
Tue 25.10.11 - Run - 6k ish? - 33 mins - steady
Wed 26.10.11 - Swim - 1k - 17:22
Wed 26.10.11 - Bike - Turbo - 75mins - 23.6miles 18.8mph avg - avg hr 146, max 152ish, 95rpm - Keeping HR below 153
Thu 27.10.11 - Run - 6k - 32:37 - off road, steady
Fri 28.10.11 - Swim - 1.5k - 26.09 - working on body pos & kick

Got a bit of input from another lunchtime swim regular who commented on my kick being too wide and me dropping my legs.
I know I have a really rubbish/weak kick, so today I was concentrating on brushing my big toes together and trying to get my legs a little higher in the water.
Seems to have paid off as pace was up slightly, 6:47 for the first 400m

Need to get Sufferfests onto my new laptop and also get around to properly benchmarking my HR zones. If only I hadn't spent all my money entering the Henley half I might have been able to blag a trip to the Lufbra sports lab.

Sat training I have penciled in a trip to Ikea, so I imagine there will be lots of lugging small children around.

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PostPosted: 29 Oct 2011 08:48
by scibby
Hey sickboy... Welcome back from the cold from hell! Good that you managed to get a solid week in...

Was just wondering if you're planning of increasing swim distance. 1 km in 17 mins is pretty speedy but really I'd expect a session for standard distance to be around 2.5km... I know you seem constrained by swimming at lunchtime but surely you've time for more!

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PostPosted: 31 Oct 2011 21:19
by SickBoy
Thank you Scibby, it's been good to get a couple of full weeks training in.

I would love to spend more time in the pool if I could, I only get 45 mins at lunch so I'm lucky there's a pool close enough to get to. I'm lucky enough that my swim seems to be ok just ticking over and I've been able to increase the distance quite easily when I had a couple of OW swims. Thinking of negotiating an extended lunch with my boss, otherwise it's going to require WAT sign off for a morning swim (when I'm usually looking after the kids). Really need to plough more time into the bike and run if I'm honest!

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PostPosted: 24 Nov 2011 10:55
by SickBoy
Overdue an update... shouldn't have jinxed my recovery as I started to go downhill, I blame a few nights of little sleep (thanks kids!) and ended up proper sick, coughing up all sorts of unpleasantness. Decided to take a week off in order to attempt a full recovery, though it never seems to happen. I almost always seem to end up feeling worse when I am not training...

Sun 30.10.11 - Bike - 27.5 miles, 1:33:30ish, 17.6mph avg. Av HR 156, max 172 (this is on the 10% hill)

Mon 31.10.11 - Swim - 400m - 6:34, 400m - 7:30, 4x50m in just over 40sec with 20sec rest - w/d
Tue 01.11.11 - Run - 6.5k - Sort of Fartlek - 28:55
Wed 02.11.11 - Swim - 1k - 17:18 - breathing, legs, hips etc + w/d
Thu 03.11.11- Day off...
Fri 04.11.11 - Swim - 1.5k - 26.41 - Concentrating on relaxing and keeping feet up and not overgliding.
Sun 06.11.11 - Bike - 27.5 miles, 1:35:05, 17.3mph avg. Av HR 154, max 171

Mon 07.11.11 - Swim - 1k - 17:24 + w/d
Tue 08.11.11 - Run - 6.55k - 30:37
Wed 09.11.11 - Swim - 400m - 6:19 (PB), 400m - 6:50 + 200m w/d - Aimed to set a Winterswim benchmark
Wed 09.11.11 - Skipped turbo - tired from no sleep
Thu 10.11.11 - Skipped training - tired - no sleep
Fri 11.11.11 - Swim - 1.5k -25:39 Working on getting hips up etc + w/d

Ill - bad cough/throat

Back in Action! Decide to easy myself back into training but find myself pushing too hard.

Mon 21.11.11 - Swim - 400m - 6:12(PB), 400m - 7:24, 200m w/pb - 3:39 - Meant to do an easy k but got caught up with trying to go fast.
Tue 22.11.11 - Run - 6.55k - 29:52
Wed 23.11.11 - Swim - 1.25k - 1k - 18:30, 200m - 3:37. Felt faster - could have screwed up counting.
Wed 23.11.11 - Turbo - 1h, HR 150/175, 95rpm, 18.37 miles. Stuck in a high intensity 11 minutes powered by Kylie! (RPE 8>9)

Still need to gets some longer runs done and find time for that extra bike session. Spoke to a roadie at work and have some new routes with big hills to try out.

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PostPosted: 24 Jan 2012 09:07
by SickBoy
Decided to keep this as more of a diary and log details in Endo - am really getting into that now I have a clear way of visualising my training data.

I had a good end to 2012, since doing my first SD tri in Sept I've managed to keep longer workouts in and have already recorded record distance for Jan as well as doing my longest ride for over a year in Dec.

I've also managed to get out for a long run, converting Tues lunch to a longer run in the evening and found that I didn't struggle as much as I thought I might have. Feeling more confident about HIM at the end of the year just need to keep going on the longer rides and runs.

Winterswim has got me swimming shorter, faster distances than normal and I've surprised myself a little with what I'm capable of.

So volume is increasing which is good - just need to keep that up.

Entered in a 10k in April as part of a corporate team, and as other colleagues move into triathlon I'm determined to beat them - I'm finding this good motivation :D

Just race calendar that's proving tricky to sort out at the moment, but looking to a couple of sprints, a SD, Henley Half and finishing with London Tri as part of company relay team - hopefully I'll still be alive then...

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PostPosted: 14 Feb 2012 09:35
by SickBoy
Well Feb has been pretty rubbish so far.

After Jan being my best ever month of training I had to cut the first long run of Feb slightly short due to pain starting at the top of my left leg, it is an old weakness so instead of pushing things I just cruised home really slow.

A few days layer I managed to get in a good 1500m swim for Winterswim that I was pleasantly suprised with as I didn't feel I'd paced it that well, this is the one positive of the month so far.

The following Monday I had to take time off work to watch the kids due to them and the WAT being ill. Following day I'm down with a bad cold and now a week later I'm still coughing up nasty stuff. On top of that I feel really sore, like I've been out sprinting without a warmup and I can't fathom why - I've not dony any training for a week.

A whole week of training missed, which I know is not much in the grand scheme of things but it feels like I've done nothing for ages and is really starting to get annoying! Especiallly when I'm still well enough to go to work :cry:

I know I will have to ease back into things and don't want to start back too soon, had planned for a swim tomorrow but going to have to push that back.
What's really annoying is that I missed out on a golden opportunity for a long ride last Sunday as the in-laws were staying over so plenty of people around for kid watching.

Did manage to clean my bike though, which was probably a bad idea as it involved standing outside in the cold.

Still better to be ill now in my 'off-season' I guess.