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Willy's Public Shambles

PostPosted: 17 Aug 2016 13:47
by willy_1977
So for those not on the book of face, and that are interested - minority surely... but...

I sorted out my road bike finally yay.

Since that day (Sunday if I recall correctly) I've been out twice, a couple of miles to make sure she's still all in working order - she is - and slightly longer to see exactly how much work I have to do.

The answer to that is lots...better get interested and able to ignore the hurt again and quick :D

Re: Willy's Shambles

PostPosted: 18 Aug 2016 18:14
by Worrying Will
Get news to be back on the bike

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Re: Willy's Shambles

PostPosted: 26 Aug 2016 10:29
by willy_1977
So, with a half of a commute in the bag the new distance for commute is about 8.7miles done in about 39mins. Good news first... well I survived :lol: and the shower wasn't completely manky, I enjoyed it, and I thought I was going to struggle to drag my frame up the hill which is next to my front door (relatively speaking) I said I'd be happy if I had to stop only a couple of times, I dragged myself up non-stop

Felt not wholly comfy, not bad "bad", but... ya know, it wasn't comfy like I remember (physiological causes I think), I also tensed up in the shoulders, can feel it now will try to be more conscious of that, probably to do with hanging on to get up the banks :) Although that said the horns felt a bit far away but don't want to end up with full on bull horns - but if needs must ... I'll have to get a new bike, (sorry kids)

this mornings commute if you're interested:

Will report more about the homeward bound trip later - after all that's the all uphill one apparently :twisted:

P.S. Thought it about time to go public rather than hiding away in members area ;)