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NOW: Double Enduroman

PostPosted: 26 Sep 2016 06:37
by Seasider71
Week 10/21

Mon 8km Run Easy Pace = 8km @ 5:35pace - HR averaged about 154, whereas normal for this would be 148, hopefully I am not coming down with a bug.
Tues Strength Training = 30min TT / 20mins Strength training
Wed 8km Hilly Run = 4km, set off and felt the usual pain in my right calf, I can normally put up with it but by 2km it was almost unbearable, so had to hobble back home - now booked in with a Sports Physio on Friday to see if we can find out what the problem is - I think more cycling could be on the cards !!!!!!!
Thu Strength Training = FAIL
Fri Rest Day = Had session with the Physio
Sat 3hr 15min Run Slow Pace = RUNNING BANNED
Sun 2-4km Walk = 3km Walk

Running Distances to Date
Week 1 21km
Week 2 24km
Week 3 30km
Week 4 18km
Week 5 30km
Week 6 43km
Week 7 0km
Week 8 47km
Week 9 Rest
Week 10 8km

Re: Walking (Running) Home for Christmas

PostPosted: 03 Oct 2016 10:57
by Seasider71
Had the appointment with the Physio on Friday - She said it looked like I had previously torn the tendon to my calf muscle and it has developed a lot of scar tissue and therefore become inflexible causing pain and discomfort when I run.

So the treatment is deep tissue massage / ultrasound and accupuncture - I had the first session of this on Friday and will be back in again on 10th Oct.

I have been banned from running, but cycling and swimming are permitted - so I guess the multi-discipline training starts here - its 7 months now to the Enduroman Double so, now seems as good a time as any to start with my swim / cycle training, I assume that I will be back running in about 3 weeks time so shouldn't loose too much in that period.

I still plan to press ahead with my December challenge - even if it means walking more than running, but my main goal is and alway has been the Double, so the cycling will be a key part of the training - I am currently trying to get my body used to the aero position so many hours on the turbo lay ahead.

I have also just started with a coached swimming session one day a week, as I would like to get the swim done in 2hrs 30mins on the day.

So my programme will now be switched up to accomodate all disciplines rather than just concentrating on the ability to run the full 60km distance in December.

Here goes nothing.......