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Road to Ruin

PostPosted: 30 Sep 2014 10:51
by S11
I'm going to try hard and keep this log updated and I'm going to put in some of the sessions that I'm doing as well.

So this being the first training session in 4 weeks since the Vit and I'm determined to beat the running hoodo as well.


10 min W/U

6 x 90s Hill repeats with 90 secs jog back. Aiming to keep HR no higher than 160max - which is about 75% of Max

10 min C/D

This really didn't go to plan. My resting HR was up but I had put this down to jetlag, either that or I'm in for a cold. So just generally sticking to 9min miles and my HR was 154bpm. So I knew on the hills that it would rocket and it did. On the hills it maxed out at 179bpm running at 10min miles. So not good but I don't feel unwell so I'm blaming jet lag good and proper.

I still have a few little niggles but I have a few more physio sessions still to go so no doubt these will get ironed out.

Re: Road to Ruin

PostPosted: 01 Oct 2014 10:00
by S11
Epic Fail last night. Some twat called a meeting at 4.30pm that ran until 6.30pm and I didn't get home until 7.30pm.

Was supposed to swim but hey ho.

Turbo set tonight.

Re: Road to Ruin

PostPosted: 02 Oct 2014 09:25
by S11
Good turbo last night. Had sorted out my garage and got the turbo room all set back up. Used the road bike as my TT is a 11spd and the wheel I was using for that is not in operation.

Set was 10 min w/u

1min (53/12) standing, 1 min (53/12) seated, 1 min easy (holding between 280w-300w)
2min (53/12) standing, 2 min (53/12) seated, 1 min easy (holding between 280w-300w)
3min (53/12) standing, 3 min (53/12) seated, 1 min easy (holding between 280w-300w)

All at low cadence - 60rpm

Repeat towards 60mins

10 mins C/D

The first turbo in ages and really since the knee issues. Could feel the knee very slightly so perhaps a bit too much. Legs are feeling it this morning. All in all a good session. HR went no higher than 165bpm which is fine as I more interested in power but I do tend to find HR doesn't spike as much on the turbo as it does on the road.